Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And now a bit of wisdom from the patriotic side

Well, it took them 7 days of listening to the people who overwhelmingly demanded a rejection of the Brussels ultimatum to make the only possible decision, but at least they actually made it. And while they are, in their own words, trebling from fear now, that too might stop soon.

And we must help them at that. They are what they are, what is done is done, but if the west won't give them an exit out of this, we must do so, in spite of everything. We will reap no benefits from incessantly reprimanding our "leaders" for the mistakes they made or from repetitions of the mantra that "treason is only postponed".

The traitor clique in Serbia that has been created in the 1990-ties went into full standard mode during last week in order to squeeze out the one, final act of high treason. And in the process they used just about every cliche' in order to either seduce or intimidate the population into submission. If we agree their will be goods galore, if we refuse there will be isolation, poverty, wars...But now that it did not work it is necessary that Serb patriotic organizations employ a simmilar mode of putting pressure on the rulers. We can not and must not, of course, invoke powerful masters from abroad like the traitor coalition does but we can count on the will of the people which, as I already wrote, were overwhelmingly in favour of rejecting the ultimatum, so much so that even deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić publicly stated he feared the reaction on the streets.

It is, naturally, difficult to promise support to people who stated, wrote and even did scandalous and extremely detrimental things, but there appears to be little realistic alternative on the horizon. The only way nationalist and patriotic forces can take over the state is through a popular uprising or a coup and both of those are only possible after the treason actually occurs. Persistent attacks on Nikolić, Dačić and Vučić can only push them to the dark side. Whether one likes it or not, these three occupy Serbia's most prominent political offices and it is necessary to influence them in order to prevent them from making any more detrimental political moves. If they do not see a way out of this situation, it is us who must provide it, especially if it leads towards national liberation. 

On the other hand, we must be vigilant and not allow an acceptance of an "agreement" that is essentially the same with some cosmetic changes. This includes constant exposure of the so-called negotiations as a sham as well as what would be the consequences of a "reached settlement". That way we could pull the ruling trio away from the Brussels trap, where they, at least intimately do not want to be in the first place.

And let me finish as I began, with fear, but also with some hope added. The rulers of Sebia might still be trembling but more out of fear from their people then from EU and US. Contrary to what Stalin said, fear, however, is not eternal and ruling through it is tricky. It is therefore necessary to give hope to these Serbian rulers who have, however timidly, re-ignited the flame of resistance to EU and America, that in this course of action they will have the support of all of us who have decided to resist years ago and those who never stopped. They must be told that a potential U-turn on their part will not be used to settle old scores, personal or political. Serbia and it's people could only be damaged through such actions and their interests come first, don't they?

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