Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cyprus, the place where the disguise was dropped

More out of trepidation of consequences, personal rather then national or social, then out of general principle, the Cypriot parliament rejected the EU/IMF terms for a bail-out. The waiver for accounts less then 10.000 EUR did not help. Cypriots are now looking towards the East for salvation. 

Let's, however, pause and think for a moment and see what is going on here. Two super-national, pseudo-state institutions demand that for the sake of salvation of a couple of banks the governement of a sovereign country (on paper at least) confiscates money from the private accounts of it's citizens and those of foreigners. Luckily, I am not the only one seeing there is something wrong with this picture. And not just something, but everything. And then some.

One of the cornerstones of civilization is property and the fact that it is unassailable, save cases when it is obtained through illegal and/or patently immoral means(such as expropriation of Jewish property by the nazis which was "legal" according to Nuremberg laws). By attempting to sieze money from ordinary people the EU has dropped the mask it has donned for way too long, one that made it appear as a benevolent entity dedicated to progress, development and peace. It is now for all except fanatics, hopelessly naive and irredemably  stupid a totalitarian state on a par with Nazi Germany and the USSR. This is not an exaggeration, because there is no other way to describe a political structure that is after the property of honest citizens. 

And if this monstrousity passes nobody should be under the illusion it will stop there. Once the new round of the financial crisis kicks in it will be the land they will set their sights on with everyone owning as much as a garden or a front yard being proclaimed a modern-day kulak.   And then the houses themselves...Just like in the terrible littany of Martin Nimoeller. 

Yet this is the organization our governement is so eager to take us into. One that would gladly take the little what we have left. I just hope that the vast majority of Serbs is at least concerned about it's bank accounts, if nothing else. 

Meanwhile, there are only two pieces of sound advice one can give to the citizenry. One, withdraw your deposits from banks now, just in case. Two, again just in case, spend some of that money on guns and ammunition. I'm not advocating violence but neither do I wish to remain blind to the direction the world is going now.

PS. Who says footballers are dumb? Years ahead of others back when he played as well as now. Not for nothing was he my favourite during the 1990-ties.  


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