Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Could it have happened to a nicer guy? Absolutely not!

No, not even Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, John McCain or Lindsey Graham are as deserving as Bernard Henry Levy of this fate. The former at least have the excuse of being politicians. But hey, he got off lightly, unlike ambassador Stevens who was on the receiving end of full-blown gratitude on behalf of Lybia's jihad. 

Now that Levy has been demoted from useful idiot to useless nuissance(copyright: Daniel Greenfield) you'dcthink  he learned something? No way. He is still gushing over "free Lybia" and it is difficult to see which part of his paean to this fictional entity is more absurd. Is it his lavish praise to the  "leaders" that are "masters of all Lybia's parts", that in reality can barely master the buildings of their own so-called governement and which note as the official reason for banning Levi their inability to gurantee him safety from "islamists" which both Levy and the governement claim are "marginal"? Or the lavish praise heaped upon  the "moderate Islam of Benghazi  practiced by the people" which includes destroying churches and torturing priests and ordinary christian believers and, as previously noted,  killing from time to time the odd American ambassador?

But then, Levy himself in an absurd character who, presumably with a straight face, told Benyamin Netanyahu that those same people who won't grant him entry to Lybia would recognize Israel. And at least equally absurd is the fact that high-ranking officials are lending an ear, however unwilling, to this charlatan.

Now he wants to take his absurd act to Syria. With his track record, what could possibly go wrong? 

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