Friday, February 01, 2013

Never was there a comparison more apt

I'm reporting a "man bites dog" story, or rather, an EU official actually making sense in his statements: 

The Dutch government says European countries should be allowed to exit important European institutions after joining them, including the European Union, the eurozone and the Schengen free travel zone.
In a letter to parliament Thursday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said achieving that possibility will itself require treaty changes, because the Maastricht Treaty that established the euro and Schengen Agreement don’t allow for exits.
The statement echoes remarks that Rutte made at the World Economic Forum earlier in January, when he said the EU shouldn’t be like the “Hotel California” described in the song by the rock band The Eagles as a place where “you can check out any time you like — but you can never leave.” 

Somebody should inform the Serbian government about this part I bolded.

"Hotel California" was meant as an allegory of hell so make your own judgement. As for the parallels with Serbia's relationship with the EU, you need not go any further then the lyrics to see them at first glance.

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