Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Challenge lying ahead

The struggle for the liberation of Serbia and Serbs is most certainly not limited to the political and diplomatic arena. In fact, battles won in the media and scientific sphere if not outweigh in importance then at the very least precede those lead by the formal leaders. 

In the past week my attention has been drawn to a successful action on the part of organized Serb diaspora in Norway that resulted in preventing Croatian and Bosnian Muslim lobbyists from falsifying the historical record concerning internees from former Yugoslavia in Norway during World War Two. 

Make no mistake, this attempt at an exibition is but a prelude of things to come, and according to some sources those "things" are here already. During the 1990s Western commentators and diplomats scorned Serb adherence to their own history as "living in the past". But derisive comments in that sense that even now appear from the usual anti-Serb suspects hide a much more sinister motive. George Orwell wrote that he who controls the past controls the future and EU/NATO power-brokers are all to aware of the truthfulness of those words, just as they are aware that their creations in the Balkans can not last in the long run if they are based on naked force and mere political circumstances. 

What they need is not, however, a legal fig-leaf over their actions, because try as they might they can not find one. What they must resort to is manufacturing historical reasons for their actions, to make it appear that the Serb people never had a just claim to the lands brutally taken away from them nor a rightful place in the echelons of civilization earned in two world wars. And it is not so much themselves that they need convincing but Serbs, because the only way to truly ensure that the present state becomes long-term and even permanent is to have the side interested in changing it relinquish such interest. The only way to achieve that is to indoctrinate the Serb population at large into their twisted version of history.

It is therefore imperative that all patriotic Serb organizations and individuals are ingaged in this battle to protect our historical memory and heritage, since to rely on the Governement of Serbia in this matter(or any other) is a fool's errand.  The battle needs to be primarily fought within our nation because it is the primary target of such assault and there are numerous ways of fighting it, from publishing pamphlets and books that reveal the truth to simple things such as educating your own children. And just as the Norwegian example shows, it is also a battle we can take to the enemy and his territory. In fact, we must, because the more he is occupied with protecting his own falsehoods (usually by entangling himself in more and more falsehoods) the less time he has to poison us with them.

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