Friday, January 25, 2013

Who is it that they admire and who is it they persecute?

It is often said that the quality and health of a society can be measured by seeing who it's most prominent are.   The fact Hilary Clinton has recently been proclaimed  "Most Admired Woman" by Americans in the traditional  Gallup poll bodes ill for the US society as a whole.

Sadistically gleeful reaction to the savage murder of Ghaddafi should have signaled to the world at large that she has a fundamentally sociopathic if not psychopathic personality. The other day she showed again that component of her in a sentence that for sheer cynical callousness takes some beating. "What difference does it make?" was her reply when she was asked whether she still thought some obscure video caused the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi.

Putting aside the objections specific to the case itself, such as the political imprisonment of the maker of the aforementioned film on trumped-up charges as a direct consequence of Clinton's false statements, her reply is even more egregious from the general philosophical point of view. If we apply this monstrous logic to it's logical end anything resembling morality would soon be erased from society and soon civilization itself would collapse. Let's take the preservation of law and order as an example: according to Hilary Clinton's warped view it is useless to hunt down murderers because once the person is dead it does not matter whether he or she was murdered or died of natural causes. 

In history this kind of thinking would produce even more monstrous results. Following Clinton's logic it really does not matter why millions of Jews died during World War Two, their deaths are tragic regardless whether  they were murdered by the Nazis or died of some general, vague "horrible wartime conditions". This is in fact a line promoted by those Holocaust deniers who seek to cover themselves with a cloak of respectability.

There is another side to this story and it concerns who, on the other hand, is reviled by that same society. The answer is: a person who displays sanity, logic and clarity in judgement. For more then a year Michelle Bachmann has been maligned as a "bigot", "crank", "redneck" and "islamophobe" for  refusing to look at the events in the Middle East through rose-colored glasses and expressing legitimate scepticism and concerns over possible future development. Now that she's been vindicated to a great extent, you'd think that some people would at least retreat from the public discourse(nobody is so gullible as to think they would actually apologize). But no, the media lynching of Michelle Bachmann continues unabated and will continue in the forseeable future.

Hilary Clinton revered, Michelle Bachmann reviled. As said in the beggining, says more about the society that treats them this way then about the women in question.

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