Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 revisited: up to expectations in bad, not so in good

The last day of 2012, one that was not supposed to happen at all. Yet we survived, and the worst that happened was seeing just how gullible people can be. Then again, we have elections that already shows this...

This year was a mixed bag when it comes to what I had hoped and predicted to happen. Sadly, only the pessimistic forecasts turned out to be correct, perhaps because they were almost foregone conclusions to anyone except ruling politicians and the MSM "learned analysts". 

First of all the "changes" that came about in Serbia proved to be a mere modification in cast and stagings of the same old play in spite of some of my hopes that it will be somewhat different. That'll teach me to trust my initial assesments. The fight is still there to fight and now at least we know where the line is, the Progressive party can no longer fool people since position of authority truly brings out the real person.

Around the worls, Egypt is steadily sliding towards an islamist dictatorship, even though the Muslim Brotherhood at one point bit off more than it could chew. Syria is still same old including usually well-meaning people still clinging on to out-dated liberal cliches in spite of the ugliness of truth coming out every day. I haven't pronounced myself much on the USA elections since I had absolutely no idea who was going to win. There were credible signs pointing in both directions. Results being what they are, it is of no surprise that progressive liberal agenda is increasingly being rammed down the people's throats. This time all pretenses of decency are dropped! Liberal propagandists are now dancing on children's graves, openly demonizing and dehumanizing their opponents, even calling for their deaths. Still, in all this there is possibility that they might overreach just like their counterparts in Egypt and provoke the ire of large segments of the population. 

I haven't lived up to my own expectations of blogging more in 2012, largely due to personal and business reasons that kept me so occupied that many of the entries on a wide variety of subjects ranging from politics, Serbian and international, and the undelying ideologies behind them, history, Wagner, sports never got past draft thesis. Others were written in such a haste that upon closer reading they appeared completely unsatisfactory from both intellectual and formal point of view that I simply could not publish them. Hopefully I will manage to rework them in due time as well as complete the unfinished ones.

All the best in 2013 to all my readers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Daniel Greenfield on where Syria is going

Another intermission of blogging caused by illness, first of my daughter, then my own. Nothing serious but enough to sideline me for a certain period. 

To make it up to you, I present you a nice article by Daniel Greenfield on Syria in which he reinforces his usual no-nonsense view of things with patches of black humour(or is that racist to say now, after Obama is re-elected). Here are some excerpts:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah’s militias out of Lebanon are shooting at Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood militias from across the Middle East and even Europe. Imagine the Crips and the Bloods, armed to the teeth by every country from Mexico to China, fighting over the ruins of California cities, and you get some idea of the glorious Syrian civil war being fought by the Brave Syrian People in a conflict that will determine once and for all who will be ethnically cleansing who this year. 
On the road to Damascus, the politicians and pundits tell us that we cannot simply sit things out. Someone is bound to remove Assad and we had better be in good with whoever does.The UK, which dragged Obama into Libya the way an elderly lady drags a poodle into a pub, is frantically urging us to stop just looking the other way while Qatar and Turkey arm the Syrian rebels, and to get into the rebel-arming business ourselves.Considering how well that worked out in Libya, we should probably hurry and start arming the Syrian rebels right now. The sooner we give them weapons, the less likely they are to use them against us. Or so the reasoning of the people who brought you Iran, September 11 and September 11 II: The Mohammed Video Diaries goes. And with a track record like that, how could they possibly be wrong? 
...Telling apart the right Syrian rebels from the wrong Syrian rebels is tricky. The Free Syrian Army, once hailed as a moderate secular organization, has more Al Qaeda in it than the dirt in Tora Bora. The head of this moderate secular opposition, Sheikh Mouaz Al-Khatib, who had previously praised Saddam for “terrifying the Jews,” objected to the American declaration that the Al-Qaeda militias are terrorists. 
“The logic under which we consider one of the parts that fights against the Assad regime as a terrorist organization is a logic one must reconsider,” Al-Khatib said, and it’s hard to argue with his logic. The difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda is that the Muslim Brotherhood wins an election before shooting people in the streets while Al Qaeda shoots people in the street without waiting for an election. 
Today we have to support the Muslim Brotherhood for fear that Al Qaeda will take over. Tomorrow we will have to support Al Qaeda for fear that Al-Takfir Wa Al-Hijra will take over. And then we’ll have to support the Takfiris for fear that Itbach Al-Kul Ulum will take over. And the day after our leaders will have no choice but to nuke the entire planet for fear that an asteroid will hit it instead. The radiation will be bad, they tell us, but at least nuclear weapons are moderate. Asteroids are extreme.
The punchline Greenfield delievers is, however, definitely not funny:

And so on they go, all together, rebels and diplomats, throat-slashers and powdered-hair personalities, embedded into a conflict, racing to Damascus, eager to raise the flag, report on the historic moment, negotiate deals and deliver speeches. Obama probably already has his written and it will probably be the same exact speech he delivered when Mubarak fell and Gaddafi got sodomized to death. There will be lots of moving sentiments about hope and change, peace and freedom, the choice of the people and the transition to democracy.

And then the real killing will begin. 

And then everyone will just look the other way and pretend none of it exists...