Saturday, November 17, 2012

I dedicate this day... all those who in September 2000 voted for the so-called "democratic oposition".

I fail to understand why the anger and consternation. This is just a logical result of the choice you made 12 years ago. I won't ask whether you are aware of the misery you inflicted on all of us, because you are but you either do not care or will not admit it to yourselves due to a mixture of vanity and cowardice and because you made out of the infantile representation of yourselves as "fighters for democracy" an identity of a sort and admiting that the other side was right would be tantamount to a form of death.

Thanks for nothing.

PS. One must urgently add the following epitaph on the grave of Slobodan Milošević: "I told you so, you stupid idiots".

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Strahinja said...

The 'democrats' in Serbia got exactly what they asked for (ironically) and now they obviously hate it.

To be fair however, we should not glamorize Slobodan Milosevic.

He did stand up to the west, and did help the Serbs in Kosovo, Bosna and Krajina.

But lets not forget something.

Milosevic was NOT a nationalist or patriot of any sort. He was a socialist, and an opportunist. Any 'patriotism' or 'nationalism' he displayed was nothing but pandering to the sentiments of his people. He was a socialist, just like the people of his party are today.
He was also extremely corrupt. This is something usually forgotten by Serbs who didn't live in what is today the Republic of Serbia, but Milosevic was very very corrupt and he and his goons made life difficult for Serbs IN Serbia.

He was not an ideal leader. Far from it.