Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So, what now?

The recent judgement in Hague had at least a sobering effect on a great many of people in Serbia from the delusions they have been harbouring in the past decade or so. In order for this lucidity not to remain temporary these measures have to be taken:

1. A complete cessation of any kind of cooperation with the Hague as well as it's official condemnation and exposure.

2. Proclaim every Serb detainee there a political prisoner and demand their immediate release. Announce that no guilty verdicts against them would be recognized as legitimate.

3. Drop all charges against people accused of harbouring persons indicted by the so-called Hague Tribunal. Grant full pardon to all those convicted of such "crime". 

4. Stop participating in the farce known as "reconciliation in the region" since this is merely a process designed to legitimize crimes against the Serb people. A complete diplomatic and political distance from Croatia, maintaining only formal contact.

It is difficult to imagine that the Serbian authorities will accept any of this. This does not mean one should give up. There are things that can be done that are not dependent on the ruling clique with which every one of us can create a personal distance from Croatia and other political entities that have inflicted misery on upon us in the last 20 years. This means boycotting Croatian products, their artists which recently have been making money out of performances in Serbia, as well as Croatian summer resorts. These measures are now a question of honour and elementary self-respect.

As for Gotovina, Markač and others, there are still ways for them tro face justice, in this world and the next one. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I dedicate this day... all those who in September 2000 voted for the so-called "democratic oposition".

I fail to understand why the anger and consternation. This is just a logical result of the choice you made 12 years ago. I won't ask whether you are aware of the misery you inflicted on all of us, because you are but you either do not care or will not admit it to yourselves due to a mixture of vanity and cowardice and because you made out of the infantile representation of yourselves as "fighters for democracy" an identity of a sort and admiting that the other side was right would be tantamount to a form of death.

Thanks for nothing.

PS. One must urgently add the following epitaph on the grave of Slobodan Milošević: "I told you so, you stupid idiots".