Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the wake of current events in the Middle East, who comes out as the most stupid? You decide

I'll just provide the list:

1. Obama and his administration. Desperate for a legacy and a positive event after seeing the hype of his "Hope/Change" routine unravel after little more then two years, he fell under an another delusion, the one that the so-called "Arab Spring" is "Eastern Europe 1989" redux. Now he says that Egypt is not an ally. Well, not any more after he himself pushed for the ouster of Mubarak, a fact he hopes people would forget.

2. Ambassador Stephens. Even if one completely casts aside the sheer illegality and immorality of his and American governement's actions, it is hard to feel sympathy for him. Idealistic enthusiasm, regardless of how naive, misguided or even cringeworthy can be forgiven(let's not debate the sincerity of his statements, it's beside the point), but not willful blindness. He totally ignored islamist elelments  among anti-Gaddafi forces and even befriended them. He then, according to some reports, encouraged US intervention in Lybia. One can not help but draw the conclusion that he brought this fate upon himself. Nor can one escape the feeling of poetic justice having it's hand all over this as at last, one of the architects of a seriously misguided, even criminal, policy feels himself the consequences of it instead of the bill being delivered just to ordinary folk.

3. Conservatives and republicans hoodwinked into supporting the war against Lybia.  While it's true that a good portion of them were sceptical about going into Lybia and the so-called Arab spring, the most influential ones were all gung-ho, seeing it as some sort of vindication  of George Bush's "spread democracy" project. And the sane ones were stupid for allowing the scoundrel to reach her last refuge(Hillary Clinton: "Whose side are you on?"). And by criticizing Obama while trying to sweep under the rug their own role as cheerleaders makes them just as intellectually dishonest as he is.

4. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Joseph Lieberman. These three belong in a league of their own. We may even have a winner of this competition. If it is not for Diana West's brilliant takedown of it, you could only weep as you read their joint message. Or, perhaps you should weep nonetheless?

The list is not final, it can be updated at any time with names from past present and future, because as Robert Spencer writes:

Lenin never feared there would be a shortage of capitalists ready to sell the communists the rope they would use to hang them. And now, even despite this brutal murder, there is no shortage of diplomats in Washington, ready to show their nation’s good will and bestow its largesse among those who will stab them in the back as soon as they turn in the other direction. If our nation continues indefinitely down this road, the entire country will eventually suffer the fate of Christopher Stevens, writ large.

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Unknown said...

The most stupid? All of the above.