Monday, August 06, 2012

A breath of fresh air or another false dawn?

Amidst contradictory and often inconclusive statements the new governement of Serbia has been making about Kosovo and Metohija and especially after years of craven sycophancy of the quisling Tadić governement, the latest statements by Aleksandar Vulin, the head of the Kosovo and Metohija Office of the Serbian governement are indeed refreshing and more. Here is the excerpt which is particularly striking:

To that end, he appealed for the term "parallel institutions" not to be used to describe the Serbian institutions in Kosovo, considering that they were formed in line with the Constitution and are financed from Belgrade. Those financed from Priština, i.e., the Kosovo Albanian authorities, are in fact parallel, he added.
Such a defiant response to a Western demand is not recorded even in the days of Milošević. It is of especial significance that Vulin did not accept enemy terminology which is a foremost condition of winning on the issue.

The interview is, however, not all roses. The part where he repeats the governement line of "implementing previous agreements" is troubling and contradicts the initial parts and still leaves the reader confused and wondering about the Serbian governements intentions. In any case, the new governement should be judged by it's actions, not words. That goes for both sets of Vulin's statements going in opposite directions.

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