Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clueless on the bandwagon

Once again the American right did not allow rational thinking get in the way of their penchant for Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction as well as desire to score cheap political points in the election season. Their response to "Pussy Riot" incident shows thaz American "establishment conservativism" whether in the political elite or in the punditry is entirely self-serving and devoid of any principles other then acquiring power and is in the long run doomed to fail as opposition to transnational progressivism.

Where does one begin to explain how taking up the case of this so-called punk band is not only useless but also damaging to the very right that is so eager to jump on the band-wagon? How about from the fact that it fits just about every left-wing stereotype of the "American imperialist" meddling in the affairs of other nations? Or the one that national extremists spread about America seeking to promote and support just about every social malady that exists thus subverting the domestic culture of other nations?

Even those articles in rightist publications and web sites that have actually readable elements such as those by Ben Shapiro which highlights the inconsistencies of the "celebrities" that could not wait to take up a fashionable cause of the moment have more a feeling of pot calling kettle black then a serious analysis. Black churches in America are far more politicized in Obama's favour then Russian Orthodox Church is alleged to be by the so-called human rights activists. Had a similar incident happened in one of them, namely, a group of anti-Obama women barging in inappropriately dressed during a religious service and began shouting anti-Obama slogans containing obscenities, Mr. Shapiro and like would be trampling over each other to condemn the perpetrators of the act calling them just about every name in the book. The rights of "free speech" so dearly claimed by the American conservative commentariat in the case of "Pussy Riot" would go out the window faster then you can say "dissasociate".

And so we have it: those pretending to save the US from progressivist nihilism not only have no principles of their own but have also adopted the progressivist way of thinking as well as their modus operandi. The only hope, as Owell put it, is in the proles, a.k.a the comments section of the articles such as those by Shapiro where the vast majority has absolutely no sympathy for these false warriors for freedom of expression that are "Pussy Riot" and sees them for what they are. It would be advisable for American rightist publications and authors to drop this thoruoghly, thoroughly misguided support for Pussy Riot lest they lose anything remaining of their credibility.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Nothing's changed in 4 years

Whatever the waterpolo team does in the tournament and even if someone else left extremely positively surprises, Serbia's participation in the London Olympics can only be characterized as disastrous. As it is customary in Serbia, no sober analysis is given and instead another sport is added in Serbia in these waning Olympic days: scapegoat hutning(we'd easily win a medal there if only the IOC would include it). For now, the easisest to single out is the national Olympic Comitee's chairman Vlade Divac, as calls for his head are multiplying by the hour.

Delusional press hacks and fans honestly believe that if only Divac would resign our sportsmen will finally train under conditions where instruments are not old enough to have been used by their parents, where water temperature in pools in showers is not icy and where accomodation is worthy of the name it carries. and once that is achieved we will be showered with medals in Rio.

"But lousy conditions are nothing new, we used to be able to overcome that in the past" I hear people reply. The key words here are "in the past". So why not now? One need not go any further then this blog for an explanation. Right after the previous Olympics i n Beijing closed 4 years ago I wrote:

Now we have the so-called "democratic forces", forces of "transition" and "common market". The media are killing all national consciousness for years, it spreads disdain towards national culture and scorns expressing national feelings. Such spiritual state has inevitably transferred onto sports teams. Why is it that today football, basketball, volleyball and other teams do not push harder when they come up against more formidable opponents? Why should they? For whom? For themselves? They have won enough, they have nothing more to prove. To governement officials that continue to abuse them? To a people afraid that any idiot can accuse them of fascism for merely waving the national flag?
Any changes in the social conciousness that might have happened since are only in their inception and are being introduced timidly, not enough to have a significant effect. There are only 4 days left to see whether our last gold medal would, symbolically, still date from the last days of Milošević, or will the waterpolo team, equally simbolically, usher in a new, post-Tadić spiritual era.

Monday, August 06, 2012

A breath of fresh air or another false dawn?

Amidst contradictory and often inconclusive statements the new governement of Serbia has been making about Kosovo and Metohija and especially after years of craven sycophancy of the quisling Tadić governement, the latest statements by Aleksandar Vulin, the head of the Kosovo and Metohija Office of the Serbian governement are indeed refreshing and more. Here is the excerpt which is particularly striking:

To that end, he appealed for the term "parallel institutions" not to be used to describe the Serbian institutions in Kosovo, considering that they were formed in line with the Constitution and are financed from Belgrade. Those financed from Priština, i.e., the Kosovo Albanian authorities, are in fact parallel, he added.
Such a defiant response to a Western demand is not recorded even in the days of Milošević. It is of especial significance that Vulin did not accept enemy terminology which is a foremost condition of winning on the issue.

The interview is, however, not all roses. The part where he repeats the governement line of "implementing previous agreements" is troubling and contradicts the initial parts and still leaves the reader confused and wondering about the Serbian governements intentions. In any case, the new governement should be judged by it's actions, not words. That goes for both sets of Vulin's statements going in opposite directions.