Monday, June 11, 2012

Same old western media - western governements axis...

...always lieing, always manupulating.

When British foreign secretary William Hague stated the other day that Syria was "like Bosnia of the 1990-ties" he was actually telling the truth, but not in the way he had in mind. Indeed, Syria is just like Bosnia: one-sided, symplicistic reporting, misrepresentation of the nature of the conflict, hypoctritical high-horse moralizing from the EU and the USA officials as well as public figures, people trying to paint a more compley, or better, a more truthful picture, shouted down, even character assasinated...And now there is even a hoax of a massacre that was supposed to trigger "international humanitarian intervention".

Remember Houla? Well, you still do because up to yesterday you were saturated with reports of how "evil Assad" massacred "innocent civilians". Expect, however, for the town to duly slide back into oblivion now that the real perpetrators of the crime were discovered. Also to be expected is for crickets to chirp from western governements offices as well as public figures who urged another "humanitarian intervention" whenever Houla comes up for conversation, if it even comes up again at all. Because being a "humanitarian interventionist", whether governemental or not, means never having to say you were wrong or that you are sorry.

Houla is not, as interventionist hacks, a culmination of attrocities, but rather a prelude of things to come for Alawites, Shi'ites and Christians in Syria should the so-called democratic forces succeed in toppling Assad. And if these things do come, the safest bet in the world is that the do-gooders, moral highgrounders and others that pushed for the West giving aid to the anti-Assad forces will go back into their ivory towers, close their ears in the "la-la-la we can't hear you" stile, and focus on another country whose population needs to be dealt misery and misfortune.

The scariest part, however, is that some will even boast the previous intervention as "succesful" and have no trouble keeping a straight face while doing it, because they actually believe it. Is civilization doomed?

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