Thursday, June 07, 2012

Enoforcers of the "official truth" go on a rampage

Continuing on a positive trend he embarked upon since the moment he was elected the new President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić used his official position to reject the notion of a genocide being comitted in Srebrenica, a propaganda stick used to beat the Serb people and their leaders for almost 20 years now. Predictably, this sent EU/NATO officialdom, in the press as well as in the governement into a state of uncontrollable rage.

Predictable are the usual floscules in the papers as well as those coming from various spokesmen. What is less predictable and in fact outright disturbing is the announcement that Brussels will make this a topic for discussion during Nikolic's visit scheduled for June 14th.

The purpose of such discussion is not just to brownbeat Nikolić into submission, but to show just what is expected of the Serbian people as a whole: that it renounces not only the existence of Republika Srpska, the Serb entity in Bosnia, bit also it's view of the wars in Yugoslavia, the righteousness of their position and the truth about it. It also means that we should forget that we were victims of a very real genocide on the teritory of today's Bosnia-Hercegovina and not perpetrators of a fabricated-for-propaganda-purposes one. For a Serb to be a so-called European means to stop being Serb.

Along with the bloodhounds of the EU media, their wannabe counterparts in Serbia have also launched a campaign of character assasination against Nikolić and the Serbian people as a whole. So far the President's office gave no official response but then again, the Serbian media have compromised themselves so much since the elections he hardly has to. As for the response to Brussels I suppose we'll have to wait until after his visit. What is interesting is the lack of comments coming from political parties in Serbia. Once you scratch a bit on the surface the silence of the political parties becomes undestandable. Tadić does not want to jeopardize his chances of becoming Prime Minister while nationalist parties can not trust Nikolić, since he has not given him any reason to do so. And so he is left alone to fight this out any way he can.

He should not be, however. By no means do I advocate a blank cheque from the nationalists for Nikolić to take to Brussels, but a small signal that he will not be without support inside the country should the Brussels political commisars get really nasty. There is nothing to lose in this gesture, and a lot to gain. If Nikolić sticks to his guns it will finally break the media monopoly on the Srebrenica issue inside Serbia held by the Eurorunionists and force the first cracks even in mainstream media around the world. If he does another about face it will mean we could definitely write him off as a potential leader to take us out of this situation or even an ally.

Nikolić has, propably inadvertantly, set up a defining moment of his presidency in it's earliest stages. Let's help him make the definition a right one.

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