Thursday, June 28, 2012

11 years to the day

That's how long the Socialist Party of Serbia waited to avenge the illegal extradiction of Slobodan Milošević to the Hague. The right opportunity and the date finally presented themselves as today the Socialist Party head Ivica Dačić accepted the mandate to form a governement that will consist of Socialists, the Progressive Party of President Tomislav Nikolić and the Regions party of former minister Dinkić thus leaving the democrats and former President Tadić in the lurch after over a month of negotiations.

Sound too good to be true? It most likely is. If we, however, accept that there are no coincidences in politics we can hope that this time revenge was indeed served cold.

On the night of the presidential election run-off when it became clear that he will lose Tadić cathegorically dismissed the possibility of becoming Prime Minister. Dačić then lured him into going back on his word promising that they will form a governememnt together and then reneged on the promise by taking the premiership for himself.  And so Tadić and his party are not only total losers but have also come out of the defeat without a shred of dignity and credibility left in them. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people. They deserve a lot more then this humiliation. For Tadić and the leadership of the democrats a long stay in prison, wheras the party itself shoul be wiped off in every way because it is not a legitimate Serbian party but rather a collective mouthpiece for the EU and NATO. Live by the sword, die by the sword. We have seen this Biblical verse come alive today in Serbia in a most emphatic way because 4 years ago Tadić and the democrats took over the governement in the exact same way it is taken from them today.

If you believe that it is Tadić who sank lowest, you are wrong. Those who not only hit the bottom but are also digging are the members of Serbia's journalistic class who first tried everything in their power to resuscitate Tadić's political corpse by convincing the public that it would be best if he was Prime Minister, and then in a similar way tried to pressure Dačić into entering Tadić's governement. As fo today they, alongside their dear leader, are history with their reputations in the dust (at least for anyone with half a brain).

These are all reasons to have a happy St.Vitus Day after 11 years, at least for a short while. If we are to celebrate this particular St.Vitus Day in the future Dačić and his governement must continue in the same style and chip away at the deomcrats piece by piece until there is nothing left of them. Sadly, there is almost no reason for optimism in this area. Then again, who could have imagined this on the evening of May the 6th which is St. George's Day according to the Serbian Church calendar.

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