Thursday, June 28, 2012

11 years to the day

That's how long the Socialist Party of Serbia waited to avenge the illegal extradiction of Slobodan Milošević to the Hague. The right opportunity and the date finally presented themselves as today the Socialist Party head Ivica Dačić accepted the mandate to form a governement that will consist of Socialists, the Progressive Party of President Tomislav Nikolić and the Regions party of former minister Dinkić thus leaving the democrats and former President Tadić in the lurch after over a month of negotiations.

Sound too good to be true? It most likely is. If we, however, accept that there are no coincidences in politics we can hope that this time revenge was indeed served cold.

On the night of the presidential election run-off when it became clear that he will lose Tadić cathegorically dismissed the possibility of becoming Prime Minister. Dačić then lured him into going back on his word promising that they will form a governememnt together and then reneged on the promise by taking the premiership for himself.  And so Tadić and his party are not only total losers but have also come out of the defeat without a shred of dignity and credibility left in them. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people. They deserve a lot more then this humiliation. For Tadić and the leadership of the democrats a long stay in prison, wheras the party itself shoul be wiped off in every way because it is not a legitimate Serbian party but rather a collective mouthpiece for the EU and NATO. Live by the sword, die by the sword. We have seen this Biblical verse come alive today in Serbia in a most emphatic way because 4 years ago Tadić and the democrats took over the governement in the exact same way it is taken from them today.

If you believe that it is Tadić who sank lowest, you are wrong. Those who not only hit the bottom but are also digging are the members of Serbia's journalistic class who first tried everything in their power to resuscitate Tadić's political corpse by convincing the public that it would be best if he was Prime Minister, and then in a similar way tried to pressure Dačić into entering Tadić's governement. As fo today they, alongside their dear leader, are history with their reputations in the dust (at least for anyone with half a brain).

These are all reasons to have a happy St.Vitus Day after 11 years, at least for a short while. If we are to celebrate this particular St.Vitus Day in the future Dačić and his governement must continue in the same style and chip away at the deomcrats piece by piece until there is nothing left of them. Sadly, there is almost no reason for optimism in this area. Then again, who could have imagined this on the evening of May the 6th which is St. George's Day according to the Serbian Church calendar.

Friday, June 22, 2012

More then football

The unlikely Greece - Germany quaterfinal scheduled for tonight has already been festered with the cliche' "more then just a football game" all around the world and I suspect that the feeling in the two countries is similar.

As someone who would support Greece regardless of the political situation I have taken the liberty of offering advice to the Greek national team(not that they will ever read it): tone down the political conotations so that you do not burn up. Remeber the fiasco against Turkey in the World Cup qualifiers right after you became European champions in 2004.

As for the rest, you already know what to do...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wagner in Israel - one needs to go to the root of the matter

It was expected that the first fully-fledged Wagner concert in Israel would spark controversy. Even though the organizers, Israel’s Wagner society, privately financed the orchestra based on individual contracts with the musicians and even engaged Ascher Fisch, the renowned Israeli conductor, Tel Aviv University under pressure from Holocaust survivor groups denied the venue.

Far from me wanting to belittle the experience of death camp survivors and the emotions attached to it but what they’ve gone through is not a license to paint a caricatural and twisted image of Wagner nor misrepresent his supposed link with Hitler and the nazis. Bearing this in mind, I find the reaction and the line of defense taken by the Israel Wagner society erroneous. They are appealing to legalistic, universalist and ultimately abstract arguments such as freedom of expression and separating the artwork from the artist but those are either not comprehensible to the layman or acceptable to people with prejudices towards Wagner, who in turn make a moral and ethical issue the taboo on performances of his music.
It is precisely this moral high-ground that the Wagner society in Israel must attack by debunking the misconceptions and urban legends about Wagner that are disseminated to the people of Israel as facts.
Many Israeli Jews believe that Wagner ideologically influenced Hitler and the nazis and inspired him to commit the Holocaust. He did not.

Many Israeli Jews believe that Wagner advocated the extermination of the Jewish people. He did not.

Many Israeli Jews believe that Wagner coined the terms "Jewish problem" and "final solution". He did not.

Many Israeli Jews believe that Wagner had invented racial antisemitism in Germany. He did not

Many Jews believe that Wagner was played in the concentration camps. He was not (or at least, not disproportionately to other composers).

These are just some of the misconceptions about Wagner that dominate the public opinion. It has gotten to the point where people believe that Wagner actually lived during the Third Reich as, Ascher Fisch says. Besides those, another thing that needs to be exposed as fraudulent are the insane interpretations of Wagner’s musical dramas that insist on some characters being anti-Jewish metaphors.
It is clear that this is an uphill battle against overwhelming odds whose participants will likely be subjected to villification and character assasination but if Israeli Wagnerians really do want to lift the unofficial ban on Wagner in their country, this is the only way. Daniel Barenboim gave some of the guidelines recently but it was in general terms, without going into sufficient details.
The Israel Wagner society has to be more thoourough in this respect. What they lack in numbers and media support they can compensate in historical facts and documents that support them unearthed and endorsed by eminent historians such as Saul Friedlander, Joachim Fest, Ian Kershaw, Frederick Spotts, Bryan Magee, Dieter Borchmayer, Jacob Katz and others, not to mention some of the finest musical minds of the 20th century like Otto Klemperer, Bruno Walter, Sir Georg Solti and Arnold Schoenberg for all of whom nazi persecution was not an abstract far-away concept they read in history books but a real-life experience and which adored and promoted Wagner’s music to their dying day.
The Israeli establishment considers an informal ban on Wagner an act of defiance to nazi idelogy. For this ban to be lifted one must show that in fact this act symbolizes nothing and, as Jonathan Tobin in his article in Commentary magazine put it, „honors neither the Holocaust nor Israel’s culture” and that is possible only by breaking of the myth that is the connection to Wagner and nazism and by killing off this fictional character that is “Wagner the inspiration for Hitler”. Based on what I have read I’m not sure that the Israel Wagner society and their founder Jonathan Livny are aware of what they are dealing with.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Same old western media - western governements axis...

...always lieing, always manupulating.

When British foreign secretary William Hague stated the other day that Syria was "like Bosnia of the 1990-ties" he was actually telling the truth, but not in the way he had in mind. Indeed, Syria is just like Bosnia: one-sided, symplicistic reporting, misrepresentation of the nature of the conflict, hypoctritical high-horse moralizing from the EU and the USA officials as well as public figures, people trying to paint a more compley, or better, a more truthful picture, shouted down, even character assasinated...And now there is even a hoax of a massacre that was supposed to trigger "international humanitarian intervention".

Remember Houla? Well, you still do because up to yesterday you were saturated with reports of how "evil Assad" massacred "innocent civilians". Expect, however, for the town to duly slide back into oblivion now that the real perpetrators of the crime were discovered. Also to be expected is for crickets to chirp from western governements offices as well as public figures who urged another "humanitarian intervention" whenever Houla comes up for conversation, if it even comes up again at all. Because being a "humanitarian interventionist", whether governemental or not, means never having to say you were wrong or that you are sorry.

Houla is not, as interventionist hacks, a culmination of attrocities, but rather a prelude of things to come for Alawites, Shi'ites and Christians in Syria should the so-called democratic forces succeed in toppling Assad. And if these things do come, the safest bet in the world is that the do-gooders, moral highgrounders and others that pushed for the West giving aid to the anti-Assad forces will go back into their ivory towers, close their ears in the "la-la-la we can't hear you" stile, and focus on another country whose population needs to be dealt misery and misfortune.

The scariest part, however, is that some will even boast the previous intervention as "succesful" and have no trouble keeping a straight face while doing it, because they actually believe it. Is civilization doomed?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Enoforcers of the "official truth" go on a rampage

Continuing on a positive trend he embarked upon since the moment he was elected the new President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić used his official position to reject the notion of a genocide being comitted in Srebrenica, a propaganda stick used to beat the Serb people and their leaders for almost 20 years now. Predictably, this sent EU/NATO officialdom, in the press as well as in the governement into a state of uncontrollable rage.

Predictable are the usual floscules in the papers as well as those coming from various spokesmen. What is less predictable and in fact outright disturbing is the announcement that Brussels will make this a topic for discussion during Nikolic's visit scheduled for June 14th.

The purpose of such discussion is not just to brownbeat Nikolić into submission, but to show just what is expected of the Serbian people as a whole: that it renounces not only the existence of Republika Srpska, the Serb entity in Bosnia, bit also it's view of the wars in Yugoslavia, the righteousness of their position and the truth about it. It also means that we should forget that we were victims of a very real genocide on the teritory of today's Bosnia-Hercegovina and not perpetrators of a fabricated-for-propaganda-purposes one. For a Serb to be a so-called European means to stop being Serb.

Along with the bloodhounds of the EU media, their wannabe counterparts in Serbia have also launched a campaign of character assasination against Nikolić and the Serbian people as a whole. So far the President's office gave no official response but then again, the Serbian media have compromised themselves so much since the elections he hardly has to. As for the response to Brussels I suppose we'll have to wait until after his visit. What is interesting is the lack of comments coming from political parties in Serbia. Once you scratch a bit on the surface the silence of the political parties becomes undestandable. Tadić does not want to jeopardize his chances of becoming Prime Minister while nationalist parties can not trust Nikolić, since he has not given him any reason to do so. And so he is left alone to fight this out any way he can.

He should not be, however. By no means do I advocate a blank cheque from the nationalists for Nikolić to take to Brussels, but a small signal that he will not be without support inside the country should the Brussels political commisars get really nasty. There is nothing to lose in this gesture, and a lot to gain. If Nikolić sticks to his guns it will finally break the media monopoly on the Srebrenica issue inside Serbia held by the Eurorunionists and force the first cracks even in mainstream media around the world. If he does another about face it will mean we could definitely write him off as a potential leader to take us out of this situation or even an ally.

Nikolić has, propably inadvertantly, set up a defining moment of his presidency in it's earliest stages. Let's help him make the definition a right one.

RIP Ray Bradbury

The author of the iconic novel "Fahrenheit 451", Ray Bradbury has died on Tuesday.  The book which made him famous belongs to the Holy Trinity of anti-totalitarian distopia, along with Orwell's "1984" and Huxley's "Brave New World".

Sadly, he lived long enough to see the degrees of heat going up all around civilization's greatest spritual achievements just because their creators did not subscribe to the contemporary ideology of multiculturalism and progressivism and everything that comes with it. To create our brave new world we must forget the old one, forget ancient truths that have for centuries kept us alive even in moments of greatest difficulty and accept lies, sweet little lies. As Robert Spencer said, it is perhaps a mercy to Bradbury that he did not live to see the worst.

Still, unlike Orwell and Huxley, Bradbury offers us a possbility of redemption. It is, according to him, in us. As long as we hold the classics and the truth they conveyed to us through our works, civilization will live on. Remember that.