Monday, May 28, 2012

Some reasons to be optimistic about Nikolić

Since one can not trust the media in Serbia or the USA/EU in order to find out out the truth about the meeting of Serbia's president-elect Tomislav Nikolić and Russian president Vladimir Putin one has to hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. And Russia Today global TV network is fairly close to that.

Some key excerpts and my comments:

President-elect Tomislav Nikolic, who is looking for more intensive relations with Russia, has promised that Serbia will never become a member of NATO.
Needless to say, this statement was omitted in the Serbian media reports of the meeting.

­Nikolic, who met Putin in the Russian president’s first meeting with a foreign leader since being elected, stated that Serbia is “on the road” to the European Union, admitting that it will be “a long road, and we will base our relations on the rules of international law.”
He added that he wasn’t sure if Serbia would be admitted into the EU unless “we recognize the independence of Kosovo and Metohija.”
What was that again about a half-truth being one whole lie? Again, key parts Nikolić's statement cncerning relations to Russia were omitted by the Serbian media who by and large chose to highlight the EU part making it look like Nikolić is poking Putin in nthe eye. Now, I am no fan of Nikolić but his statements as reported by Russia Today, and translated from diplomatic language are at the very least acceptable and a welcome change from the EU sycophancy expressed by Tadić.

Then again, Nikolić should be judged solely on basis of his actions. Therefore, the jury is still out on him and still not looking at him too favourably.

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