Monday, May 21, 2012

Good news and bad news

The good news is that Boris Tadić is gone.

The bad news is that Tomislav Nikolić is coming.

Elections without a real choice and between two evils: at least in that respect we are fully-fledged memebers of the so-called international community.

So, what now? Conventional wisdom dictates that Nikolić, after, at the behest of US and EU ambassadors, having betrayed his party and his principles(providing they ever were his principles), will just pick up where his predecessor left off. Then again, conventional wisdom also said that Tadić will win these elections easily...

The coalition that constitutes the governement will give some indication as to where things are headed. Two weeks ago the continuation of the same coalition that formed the governement in previous years seemed like a foregone conclusion. Now, all bets are off. Especially since it was the voters of the Socialist Party of Serbia who decided the presidential run-off by staying at home thus showing empathically their power and influence. Right now, it is likely that Socialist leader Dačić will be Prime Minister with the Progressive Party and the Democratic Party of Serbia lead by Vojislav Koštunica coalition members, but the continuation governement option is not off the table entirely. And some, especially the so-called analysts, by and large on the payroll of Washington and Brussels, have been calling for a governement formed between Tadić and Nikolić. In a perverse way, the latter would be the best option because it could lead to a wipe-out of all  pro-EU/NATO parties with one stroke.

In any case, stay tuned.

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