Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wha could we learn from last night's Champions League semi

1) There is no football without a centerforward. Somewhere around the 70th minute it was sad to see how the unpteenth Barcelon run down the flanks ends up with a cross(if one can call it that) that goaes back to the edge of the box or further, and all that because there is no centerforward who can either escape his markers or drag them away and open up space for his team-mates. Add to this the early exit of Piquet whooften plays a surrogate tactical striker in games like these and no wonder chances were few and far between.

2) There is no football without long distance shots. If backward crosses were sad the lack of shooting from outside the penalty area was actually painful. The first Barca shot form distance was done at 80 something minute mark by Mascherano no less who had to com from the defense for the occasion. 

3) There is no football without aireal play and heading. Closely conected to point 1. And if that point was tragic and , while point number 2. was painful this one is downright hillarious. That is the only way to describe the confusion seen on Chelsea players' faces when they realized that there is not a single opposing player to mark in the area whenever Barca had a corner

4) Ball possesion does not matter, pitch posession does. And we saw last night that it is possible to achieve the former without the latter and the latter without the former.

5) God's 11th commandment does not exist, and it is most certainly not "Thou shall not score a goal without walking into it with the ball. It is a sin". ОК, I picked that one up from the Italian journalist Franco Rossi.

The question is, have Pep Guardiola and Barcelona learned these 5 pionts?

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