Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our 90-ties in a microcosm

A conflict with deadly cosequences arises in a place hardly anyone has heard of save it's nearest neighbours. Without getting to know the facts, the incident is immediately moulded into an ideological matrix with agressor and victim pre-emptively identified. The powers-that-be immediately weigh in on the issue, passing not only judgement but also self-righteous squabble and any trendy feel-good theory they come up with. This is immediately picked up in the media which adds it's extra slant, constructing it's own agenda driven version by presenting allegations as sentences and hearsay as facts as well as calling their target via their resident character assasins every nasty name in the book. The verdict is then given to the mob who, presented with such a distorted picture, can say only "guilty" and afterwards proceeds with carrying out the sentence which is death, whether real or psychological. No presumption of innocence, no due process, no right to an appeal, not even basic defense conceeded.

Sound like something you might have heard of? To Serbian readers the wars in ex-Yugoslavia will almost immediately come to mind. Well, they'd be right in recognizing it in the matrix I posted above. However, the specific case I had in mind is not that one, but the one that has been thrust at the center of American public opinion lately, the killing of a black teenager Trayvon Martin(or Trayvon Hussein Obama, if you prefer) by George Zimmerman.

As of now, George Zimmerman is at an undisclosed location and has so isolated himself from the world even his legal representatives can not continue working for him properly. And who could blame him? What would you do if your guilt has been implicitly proclaimed by the President of the USA, if your adress has been posted on twitter by a washed-up publicity whore(an adress that turned out to be false and an elderly couple was forced to suffer the wrath of the anti-Zimmerman lynch mob), if a racist group puts a bounty on your head and the national media seeking to make you a George Wallace with a shotgun while saturating your photo all around the airwaves?

Facts? Who needs stinkin' facts? Who wants to know that the white-hooded Zimmerman is actually of mixed white-Hispanic heritage, that he is a registered Democrat and likely an Obama voter, that he has tutored regularly black families and pursued personally a case of police brutality against a homeless black man for which the usual race demagogues were nowhere to be found? Zimmerman fits the narrative, anything that contradicts the official story is to be suppressed and those trying to put it in the foreground should be mercilessly shouted down. Zimmerman is fair game for anything, including outright manipulation of evidence. And if they get caught, they'll do some phony investigation coupled with an even phonier apology in which they will scupulously avoid any mention of the actual victim of their defamation. There is no way around it: Zimmerman is being publicly lynched!

Yes, people, this is liberal, progressive America in it's standard operating mode. Lawrence Auster put it best:

Liberal America—like the thugees of 19th century India, but with infinitely more power and reach—is a murder cult. It dehumanizes and slaughters its victims, whether physically or psychologically. It thrives, it increases its energy and power, on their suffering and death.

Today, it's George Zimmerman, tommorow who knows. And yesterday it was the Serb people. We were their 12 million George Zimmermans back in the day.

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