Friday, March 23, 2012

You could actually feel their disappointment

The most stupefying fact about the Toulouse murders is that there are people connected to it that are just as despicable, if not more, then the perpetrator Mohamed Merah. How's that possible, I hear you ask? Easy, just look at how the media treated the investigation of these ghastly murders.

Right after the crime took place rumours began (or rather, were disseminated in the hope that they will turn out to be a self-fullfiling prophecy) that the suspect is a neo-nazi, racist, right-winger etc. The MSM types were at that point openly fantasising about another Anders Breivik-type of lunatic who they could use as a pretext for yet another spree of character assasination and persecution of their political rivals.

As the truth began to emerge, the chorus had to adopt a different tune. Justification became the leitmotif, as every concievable reason for Merah's rampage was being speculated upon, the most prominent being, of course, not enought "diversity"(there will never be enough of that for the transnational progressives). Every reason, except the one given by the murderer himself.

This practice has been followed so rigidly one can predict it with a near certainty, just as Mark Steyn did two days ago, right down to the whining about the possible backlash and the attempt to displace the victim status. What was also predictable is the establishment politicians joining in.

Mohamed Merah is dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The cliched warning that follows usually goes like "but there are still a lot like him left". True, but they are not the biggest danger. It's the killers by proxy in the media we have to worry about.

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