Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just as I had left it

A stomach virus has hit my entire household recently and that has been the main reason why there was no blogging for the past month or so.

Then again, was there anything to blog about? The world is more or less the same as it was in February. The usual suspects giving yet another proof that they've forgotten nothing and learned nothing are gung-ho for yet another "humanitarian war", this time in Syria. Talking of which, the shortsighted, cliched and bombastic(pun intentional) sloganeering is finally giving way to a more sober analysis, even among the officials. Iran's bomb is a hot issue, as it has been for the past 6 years at least. Vladimir Putin is still the undisputed leader of Russia, and the so-called Eurozone has slowed down on the way to it's imminent collapse.

On the domestic front, Serbia's governement has taken treason one step further by agreeing to the so-called "footnote representation" of "Kosovo" for the sake of the abstract status of a "candidate for EU membership" which brings nothing to the country except a dubious distinction of being the first rat to jump on board a sinking ship, as Srdja Trifković so aptly put it. And this just in: elections to be held on May 6th, as it has been expected.

As I type this, I did get an idea for another blog post which will come in a day or two and concerns some of the things in the first paragraph of this one. I hope to offer a fresh new look on burning issues.

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