Friday, March 16, 2012

Glimpses, but still not quite getting it

Benjamin Franklin once remarked that experiance is a dear(expensive) teacher but that fools won't learn at any other. The bigger the fool, the more tine it takes and more resources it's spent.

The late American conservative journalist Samuel Francis dubbed the Republicans "the Stupid party" and seeing how the it's presidential hopefuls, with the exception of Ron Paul, refuse to learn from experiance the moniker is quite apt. Lybia debacle notwithstanding, the main issue of the debate on Syria is the means to use to topple Assad, from "covert actions"(how can they be covert if they are being discussed and proposed in public) via armament of the anti-Assad forces(whatever their motive for toppling him may be) right through advocacy of another Lybia-esque "kinetic military action". And yet again, absolutely no thought is given on who or what will replace Assad nor of the broader consequences of his fall. Such approach worked wonders in Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and Lybia, didn't it?

Aside from the legal, political and moral bankrupcy of such policies, there is another, more profound reason to be dismayed at Republican knee-jerk belligerence. A lot of people forget the second part of Francis' characterization of the American political scene, the one when he called the Democrats "the Evil party". Again, the name is appropriate since the latter's embrace of transnational progressivism's and liberalism's social engineering threatens not only the very fabric of society but humanity itself as well. For better or worse, the GOP is the only political outlet from which voices of basic common sense and sanity can be heard in America. But this will largely go unheeded if the Republican party allows itself to be portrayed as a party of perpetual war, especially if the war(s) in question are not only patently illegal and immoral but also futile, costly and with no end anywhere near sight. War-weariness is a powerful sentiment that often trumps all others and transnational progressives/left liberals/Democrats must not be allowed to pander to it and thus keep power and advance their sinister agenda.

Still, thge situation is not completely dire, as prominent Republicans have taken at least some first steps towards the light(including some which you never would have dreamed of doing that). But from this basis created by events a coherent principled position must arise, not just in terms of ideology but of a coordinated concrete action as well, one that must include the denounciation of gratuituos belligerence allegedly based on "humanitarian motives" and "democratization", the exposure of "nation building" as a fundamentally bankrupt practice from a moral, ideological and practical point of view and last but not least, the marginalization of the proponents of such ideas and GOP's dissasociation from them. Practically, the entire hope of the spiritual and moral recovery of civilization rests on this.

Exaggeration? Too much importance given to what is essebtially an internal American matter? Perhaps. But seeing how completely the entertainement industry and academia signed on to progressivism and left liberalism, America's prominence in those areas of life as well as how the two are closely connected to the Democratic party you have to ask yourself do you want to risk Hollywood fantasies become offical policy, one forcefully implemented in your own land?

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