Thursday, February 09, 2012

More on the hipocricy and ignorance on Syria

In yesterday's entry I linked to an article by Daniel Greenfield in which he gives a fairly realistic view on Syria. There is another part worth mentionig in it, one that shows the absurdity of pushing for a UN resolution on Syria calling for a regime change:

A closer look at the whole process reveals the ridiculousness of it. The Security Council Resolution calling for peaceful democratic change was co-sponsored by Saudi Arabia, which is an absolute monarchy, and which recently used tanks to suppress protests in Bahrain. As the driving force behind the Arab League, Saudi Arabia was the key player in moving for regime change in Libya. Now it has rubber stamped regime change in Syria.

But why are we expected to take a call by one tyranny for the overthrow of another as a moral duty. As bad as the Assad regime is, Syria is marginally more open and democratic than Saudi Arabia is. And unlike Saudi Arabia, it isn’t an Apartheid state that treats non-Muslims and women like dirt. If we were going to implement regime change on the basis of democracy and human rights, we would start with the Saudis.

Of the Muslim co-sponsors of the UN Resolution, virtually all of them have suppressed opposition movements and imprisoned political dissidents. Bahrain is another co-sponsor of the resolution and the only difference between it and Syria, is that Bahrain is a Sunni minority ruling over a Shiite minority, while in Syria it’s the other way around. Kuwait ethnically cleansed the Palestinians back in the nineties. Turkey is still conducting an occupation and murdering Kurdish civilians. Libya doesn’t have an actual elected government, but it’s still somehow sponsoring UN resolutions for regime change in another country.

Of the nine Muslim co-sponsors that have actual governments… eight are monarchies. Most are even absolute monarchies. The only quasi-democracy on the list is Turkey which has prisons filled with dissidents, persecutes minorities and continues to deny its genocidal actions. Not to mention its violation of UN resolutions on Cyprus.

Muslim absolute monarchies are calling for implementing democratic change in Syria. Did monarchies which torture and execute dissenters expected anyone to believe that they were concerned because the Assad family was killing opponents of the regime? Two of the co-sponsors had been doing the same thing last year. One of the co-sponsors is busy torturing former members of its regime right now.

The UN Resolution was based around the Plan of Action of the League of Arab States based on an observer mission to Syria headed by General Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi. Al-Dabi headed up the Sudanese genocide, he is the pet thug of Sudan’s indicted war criminal leader, Omar al-Bashir and helped create the Janjaweed rape squads.

Obama has been on the record opposing any military intervention in Sudan, despite the fact that an actual genocide did take place there. But now we are being led by the Gulf Cooperation Council members into another regime change plan. The loudest voice calling for military intervention is Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani, the fat smirking thug running Qatar.

Another of the Al-Thani clan, who serves as foreign minister, said, “We ask that the Syrian regime leave and hand over power. We are with the Syrian people, with their will and with their aspirations.” The Al-Thanis, who rule in an absolute monarchy, are the last people to be cheering on the aspirations of the people. The Al-Thanis can’t see the people from their palaces.

So ridiculous, it isn't even funny. We live in the era of tribal morality, where good is when we rob the neighbouring village while evil is when the neighbouring village robs us. Principles? We don't need no stinkin' principals!

As for the ignorance part of the title, be sure to read an article by Yedidya Atlas at Frontpage Magazine titled "Who are the Syrian people?" in which he expands on the argument Greenfield mentioned in his article.

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