Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 revisited: up to expectations in bad, not so in good

The last day of 2012, one that was not supposed to happen at all. Yet we survived, and the worst that happened was seeing just how gullible people can be. Then again, we have elections that already shows this...

This year was a mixed bag when it comes to what I had hoped and predicted to happen. Sadly, only the pessimistic forecasts turned out to be correct, perhaps because they were almost foregone conclusions to anyone except ruling politicians and the MSM "learned analysts". 

First of all the "changes" that came about in Serbia proved to be a mere modification in cast and stagings of the same old play in spite of some of my hopes that it will be somewhat different. That'll teach me to trust my initial assesments. The fight is still there to fight and now at least we know where the line is, the Progressive party can no longer fool people since position of authority truly brings out the real person.

Around the worls, Egypt is steadily sliding towards an islamist dictatorship, even though the Muslim Brotherhood at one point bit off more than it could chew. Syria is still same old including usually well-meaning people still clinging on to out-dated liberal cliches in spite of the ugliness of truth coming out every day. I haven't pronounced myself much on the USA elections since I had absolutely no idea who was going to win. There were credible signs pointing in both directions. Results being what they are, it is of no surprise that progressive liberal agenda is increasingly being rammed down the people's throats. This time all pretenses of decency are dropped! Liberal propagandists are now dancing on children's graves, openly demonizing and dehumanizing their opponents, even calling for their deaths. Still, in all this there is possibility that they might overreach just like their counterparts in Egypt and provoke the ire of large segments of the population. 

I haven't lived up to my own expectations of blogging more in 2012, largely due to personal and business reasons that kept me so occupied that many of the entries on a wide variety of subjects ranging from politics, Serbian and international, and the undelying ideologies behind them, history, Wagner, sports never got past draft thesis. Others were written in such a haste that upon closer reading they appeared completely unsatisfactory from both intellectual and formal point of view that I simply could not publish them. Hopefully I will manage to rework them in due time as well as complete the unfinished ones.

All the best in 2013 to all my readers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Daniel Greenfield on where Syria is going

Another intermission of blogging caused by illness, first of my daughter, then my own. Nothing serious but enough to sideline me for a certain period. 

To make it up to you, I present you a nice article by Daniel Greenfield on Syria in which he reinforces his usual no-nonsense view of things with patches of black humour(or is that racist to say now, after Obama is re-elected). Here are some excerpts:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah’s militias out of Lebanon are shooting at Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood militias from across the Middle East and even Europe. Imagine the Crips and the Bloods, armed to the teeth by every country from Mexico to China, fighting over the ruins of California cities, and you get some idea of the glorious Syrian civil war being fought by the Brave Syrian People in a conflict that will determine once and for all who will be ethnically cleansing who this year. 
On the road to Damascus, the politicians and pundits tell us that we cannot simply sit things out. Someone is bound to remove Assad and we had better be in good with whoever does.The UK, which dragged Obama into Libya the way an elderly lady drags a poodle into a pub, is frantically urging us to stop just looking the other way while Qatar and Turkey arm the Syrian rebels, and to get into the rebel-arming business ourselves.Considering how well that worked out in Libya, we should probably hurry and start arming the Syrian rebels right now. The sooner we give them weapons, the less likely they are to use them against us. Or so the reasoning of the people who brought you Iran, September 11 and September 11 II: The Mohammed Video Diaries goes. And with a track record like that, how could they possibly be wrong? 
...Telling apart the right Syrian rebels from the wrong Syrian rebels is tricky. The Free Syrian Army, once hailed as a moderate secular organization, has more Al Qaeda in it than the dirt in Tora Bora. The head of this moderate secular opposition, Sheikh Mouaz Al-Khatib, who had previously praised Saddam for “terrifying the Jews,” objected to the American declaration that the Al-Qaeda militias are terrorists. 
“The logic under which we consider one of the parts that fights against the Assad regime as a terrorist organization is a logic one must reconsider,” Al-Khatib said, and it’s hard to argue with his logic. The difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda is that the Muslim Brotherhood wins an election before shooting people in the streets while Al Qaeda shoots people in the street without waiting for an election. 
Today we have to support the Muslim Brotherhood for fear that Al Qaeda will take over. Tomorrow we will have to support Al Qaeda for fear that Al-Takfir Wa Al-Hijra will take over. And then we’ll have to support the Takfiris for fear that Itbach Al-Kul Ulum will take over. And the day after our leaders will have no choice but to nuke the entire planet for fear that an asteroid will hit it instead. The radiation will be bad, they tell us, but at least nuclear weapons are moderate. Asteroids are extreme.
The punchline Greenfield delievers is, however, definitely not funny:

And so on they go, all together, rebels and diplomats, throat-slashers and powdered-hair personalities, embedded into a conflict, racing to Damascus, eager to raise the flag, report on the historic moment, negotiate deals and deliver speeches. Obama probably already has his written and it will probably be the same exact speech he delivered when Mubarak fell and Gaddafi got sodomized to death. There will be lots of moving sentiments about hope and change, peace and freedom, the choice of the people and the transition to democracy.

And then the real killing will begin. 

And then everyone will just look the other way and pretend none of it exists...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So, what now?

The recent judgement in Hague had at least a sobering effect on a great many of people in Serbia from the delusions they have been harbouring in the past decade or so. In order for this lucidity not to remain temporary these measures have to be taken:

1. A complete cessation of any kind of cooperation with the Hague as well as it's official condemnation and exposure.

2. Proclaim every Serb detainee there a political prisoner and demand their immediate release. Announce that no guilty verdicts against them would be recognized as legitimate.

3. Drop all charges against people accused of harbouring persons indicted by the so-called Hague Tribunal. Grant full pardon to all those convicted of such "crime". 

4. Stop participating in the farce known as "reconciliation in the region" since this is merely a process designed to legitimize crimes against the Serb people. A complete diplomatic and political distance from Croatia, maintaining only formal contact.

It is difficult to imagine that the Serbian authorities will accept any of this. This does not mean one should give up. There are things that can be done that are not dependent on the ruling clique with which every one of us can create a personal distance from Croatia and other political entities that have inflicted misery on upon us in the last 20 years. This means boycotting Croatian products, their artists which recently have been making money out of performances in Serbia, as well as Croatian summer resorts. These measures are now a question of honour and elementary self-respect.

As for Gotovina, Markač and others, there are still ways for them tro face justice, in this world and the next one. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I dedicate this day... all those who in September 2000 voted for the so-called "democratic oposition".

I fail to understand why the anger and consternation. This is just a logical result of the choice you made 12 years ago. I won't ask whether you are aware of the misery you inflicted on all of us, because you are but you either do not care or will not admit it to yourselves due to a mixture of vanity and cowardice and because you made out of the infantile representation of yourselves as "fighters for democracy" an identity of a sort and admiting that the other side was right would be tantamount to a form of death.

Thanks for nothing.

PS. One must urgently add the following epitaph on the grave of Slobodan Milošević: "I told you so, you stupid idiots".

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nobel comitee hits bottom, digs...

Nobel Peace Prize given to the EU! No, it's not April Fools Day. 

I suppose the one most rejoicing is Barack Obama. He is no longer the bearer of the Most Absurd Nobel Laurate Ever award. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

One more in a long list that will go on and on

Richard Wagner, his life, his art and his legacy are fraught with ironies. And the collection is ever expanding. The latest addition to it is the anti-Obama video ad created by the Emergency Comitee for Israel, a pro-Republican organization seen above which features excepts from the "Siegfried funeral march" from "Götterdämmerung". For those not aware, the irony is in the fact that in Israel public performances are under am informal ban because of unfortunate associations of Wagner's music with the Nazi regime.

There are numerous ways in which one can interpret the add, as Alex Ross from "The New Yorker" puts it:

The choice serves various purposes. First, it creates a palpable chill, endowing President Obama with a demonic aura. Second, viewers who are aware of Wagner’s anti-Semitism may instinctively associate the shouting crowd at the Democratic National Convention with anti-Jewish mobs. Finally, the ad seems designed to trigger memories of the Wagnerian iconography of Hitler’s Germany. Siegfried’s Funeral Music was the chief anthem of Nazi mourning, and was heard alongside the slow movement of Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony after Hitler’s death. On some subliminal level, the ad might actually be equating Obama with Hitler.

All these make a valid point. Ross, however, misses one important possibility, one deriving directly from the libretto and the synopsis: Israel, the heroic Siegfried being stabbed in the back by the scheming Obama-Hagen. It is also the one that has a foundation in some of the classic interpretations of the "Ring of the Nibelungs", most notably, Geroge Bernard Shaw's. Shaw claimed that Siegfried's smashing of Wotan's spear in Act 3 of "Siegfried" represents the destruction of the norms of the old order, including the 10 Commandments. If we accept this as a valid allegory, the only logical conclusion that can come out of it is that the character of Wotan is in fact an allegory of the Jewish God of the Bible. And since Siegfried is Wotan's grandson he too is of Jewish descent. A turn of events that makes a mockery not only of nazi pseudo-interpretations of Wagner but also of those Wagner "scholars" whose malevolent constructions actually give credibility to the formers' ramblings.

And this problem of legitimising, in a certain way at least,  nazi views on art by painting not only Wagner's works but Wagner as well in a distorted, caricatural manner is not lost on Ross:

Hitler was one of a million youths infatuated with Wagner at the turn of the last century. Some were anti-Semitic extremists; others were socialists, communists, democrats, feminists, apostles of free love, early gay-rights advocates, Rosicrucian mystics, Theosophists, and members of every other imaginable group. There were even some African-American Wagnerians;...We have forgotten that glorious interpretive confusion; in an unsettling way, we now listen to Wagner through Hitler’s ears.

The author's case, made in the title of his article, is presented in a compelling manner,likely made even stronger by the fact that he admitted in it that some time ago he supported the Wagner ban in Israel. And he gives a reason for his change of heart that could hardly be more logical:"I know more about Wagner now than I did then, and would no longer resort to such a pat formula." Many should follow his lead and learn the facts that contradict the vicious narrative that has been indoctrinating people against some of the finest work of art in the history of mankind.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rotten borough America

This entry will be somewhat of a belated translation, or better, a paraphrase of an entry in my blog in Serbian I made about the elections in Serbia. This time, I'll comment on a similar tendency to the one that contributed to (preliminary) Serbian election results that is going on in America. Mitt Romney is now catching a lot of flak for his comments on "47% of Americans being dependent on governement handouts". The accuracy of his numbers as well as crassness of his comments notwithhstanding, Romney was correct in general principle that the number of Americans dependent on the governement is ever increasing and that this can not be a good thing. Economic disadvanteges that this tendency creates are too numerous to even contemplate here, and are bad enough by themselves. Possible political consequences are, however, potentially worse, devastating even. America itself could be made one giant "rotten borough". As I wrote back in May about Serbia:

...After 12 years of continual economic, moral and cultural destruction of Serbia, the whole country has become one large rotten borough...  By that I do not mean that the voters were literally bribed to vote in a certain way but they did recieve a financial incentive albeit in an indirect way. This was achieved through a now infamous system of  "party employment" in public and state-owned companies and governememnt jobs. The ruling clique has empoloyed enough family members, friends, party activists as well as their family members into lucrative(as well as less so) jobs in governement jobs ans state owned companies to ensure that the number of their votes can tip ther scale in their favour because the entire livelyhood of these people literally depends on who has the power. Looking for a different job is out of the question, partially due to economic crisis, but mostly because of the governement deliberately creating  an economic climate that makes private, autonomous initiative all but impossible. To top it all, many of the existing private companies are dependant on business transactions with governement institutions,  the rights to which many were obtained in a roundabout, even blatantly illegal way. And so it comes to be that a large percentage of the electorate doesn't really have a choice on election day.
As I said the number of such voters in America may not have reached critical mass that ensures one party's stranglehold on power but all research points to the progressive swelling of governement dependents.

So, what are the possible devastating political consequences should it come to the point of no return? The first one would be that elections will no longer be a feasible way of achieving  any kind of meaningful change. If a candidate was to openly campaign on a platform of reforming the system he would open the opportunity for the ruling party to fear-monger among it's dependants. If he would argue that such dependency on governement handouts is not good for the people that recieve them he could be portrayed as arrogant and patronising. Anyone willing to take on this system would have to pander to it and it's beneficients in public. This in turn creates resentment and frustration among the part of the population that works (more or less) independently of governement institutions and a feeling of it not being adequately represented in the governement which is formally supposed to be "off the people, for the people". These feelings, initially directed at politicians of both parties, could easily turn to fellow Americans living off the governement thus sowing seeds of discord that could bear some really ugly fruits.

Is there a way prevent this kind of situation? As I said, unlike in Serbia, the number of people directly or indirectly living off governement jobs or handouts has not yet reached critical mass so it is still possible to stop this slide into the abyss by purely political means. The question is, is Mitt Romney, who professes to be the saviour from this fate, up to this task? Almost all the known facts point to a negative answer to that question.

And once the situation I described in my Serbian blog entry comes to be, is there a way out of it? Actually there are three. One is the complete financial bankrupcy of the US which will force the governement to slash all except the most essential personel. Needless to say this will create huge civil unrest and open up a whole different can of worms. Another is an overthrow of the system by force but that could spell either a formal cessation of the American system as it is known or a break-up of America, an 1861 revisited.

The third one is the Serbian way out, which means a 10-Richter-scale political earthquake that was the victory of current president of Serbia Nikolić over then-incumbent and Serbian version of Obama Tadić which turns the political landscape completely on it's head. This, plainly and simply, is a miracle, and God does not distribute those at an abundance, which is why they are called miracles. I am tempted to say that America does not deserve miracles, but I thought the same about Serbia in May. The Lord works in mysterious ways and all I can honestly recommend are prayers.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the wake of current events in the Middle East, who comes out as the most stupid? You decide

I'll just provide the list:

1. Obama and his administration. Desperate for a legacy and a positive event after seeing the hype of his "Hope/Change" routine unravel after little more then two years, he fell under an another delusion, the one that the so-called "Arab Spring" is "Eastern Europe 1989" redux. Now he says that Egypt is not an ally. Well, not any more after he himself pushed for the ouster of Mubarak, a fact he hopes people would forget.

2. Ambassador Stephens. Even if one completely casts aside the sheer illegality and immorality of his and American governement's actions, it is hard to feel sympathy for him. Idealistic enthusiasm, regardless of how naive, misguided or even cringeworthy can be forgiven(let's not debate the sincerity of his statements, it's beside the point), but not willful blindness. He totally ignored islamist elelments  among anti-Gaddafi forces and even befriended them. He then, according to some reports, encouraged US intervention in Lybia. One can not help but draw the conclusion that he brought this fate upon himself. Nor can one escape the feeling of poetic justice having it's hand all over this as at last, one of the architects of a seriously misguided, even criminal, policy feels himself the consequences of it instead of the bill being delivered just to ordinary folk.

3. Conservatives and republicans hoodwinked into supporting the war against Lybia.  While it's true that a good portion of them were sceptical about going into Lybia and the so-called Arab spring, the most influential ones were all gung-ho, seeing it as some sort of vindication  of George Bush's "spread democracy" project. And the sane ones were stupid for allowing the scoundrel to reach her last refuge(Hillary Clinton: "Whose side are you on?"). And by criticizing Obama while trying to sweep under the rug their own role as cheerleaders makes them just as intellectually dishonest as he is.

4. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Joseph Lieberman. These three belong in a league of their own. We may even have a winner of this competition. If it is not for Diana West's brilliant takedown of it, you could only weep as you read their joint message. Or, perhaps you should weep nonetheless?

The list is not final, it can be updated at any time with names from past present and future, because as Robert Spencer writes:

Lenin never feared there would be a shortage of capitalists ready to sell the communists the rope they would use to hang them. And now, even despite this brutal murder, there is no shortage of diplomats in Washington, ready to show their nation’s good will and bestow its largesse among those who will stab them in the back as soon as they turn in the other direction. If our nation continues indefinitely down this road, the entire country will eventually suffer the fate of Christopher Stevens, writ large.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The picture of the headline ant the begginig of the article, especially the highlighted part, says it all.

So, how is Libya freed of the "evil murderous dictator" Gaddafi working out for you?

Thursday, September 06, 2012


That's how I reacted to the video below because it arises so many conflicting feelings. It is funny, sad, awful, disturbing...Actually, the latter is the most apt word to describe the incident since it captured the essence of the Democrats. Their rank and file are nuts, their leadership is corrupt and crooked...What's not to like about them? The late Samuel Francis was kind when he called the Republicans "the Stupid Party". How could they be loosing to these people?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clueless on the bandwagon

Once again the American right did not allow rational thinking get in the way of their penchant for Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction as well as desire to score cheap political points in the election season. Their response to "Pussy Riot" incident shows thaz American "establishment conservativism" whether in the political elite or in the punditry is entirely self-serving and devoid of any principles other then acquiring power and is in the long run doomed to fail as opposition to transnational progressivism.

Where does one begin to explain how taking up the case of this so-called punk band is not only useless but also damaging to the very right that is so eager to jump on the band-wagon? How about from the fact that it fits just about every left-wing stereotype of the "American imperialist" meddling in the affairs of other nations? Or the one that national extremists spread about America seeking to promote and support just about every social malady that exists thus subverting the domestic culture of other nations?

Even those articles in rightist publications and web sites that have actually readable elements such as those by Ben Shapiro which highlights the inconsistencies of the "celebrities" that could not wait to take up a fashionable cause of the moment have more a feeling of pot calling kettle black then a serious analysis. Black churches in America are far more politicized in Obama's favour then Russian Orthodox Church is alleged to be by the so-called human rights activists. Had a similar incident happened in one of them, namely, a group of anti-Obama women barging in inappropriately dressed during a religious service and began shouting anti-Obama slogans containing obscenities, Mr. Shapiro and like would be trampling over each other to condemn the perpetrators of the act calling them just about every name in the book. The rights of "free speech" so dearly claimed by the American conservative commentariat in the case of "Pussy Riot" would go out the window faster then you can say "dissasociate".

And so we have it: those pretending to save the US from progressivist nihilism not only have no principles of their own but have also adopted the progressivist way of thinking as well as their modus operandi. The only hope, as Owell put it, is in the proles, a.k.a the comments section of the articles such as those by Shapiro where the vast majority has absolutely no sympathy for these false warriors for freedom of expression that are "Pussy Riot" and sees them for what they are. It would be advisable for American rightist publications and authors to drop this thoruoghly, thoroughly misguided support for Pussy Riot lest they lose anything remaining of their credibility.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Nothing's changed in 4 years

Whatever the waterpolo team does in the tournament and even if someone else left extremely positively surprises, Serbia's participation in the London Olympics can only be characterized as disastrous. As it is customary in Serbia, no sober analysis is given and instead another sport is added in Serbia in these waning Olympic days: scapegoat hutning(we'd easily win a medal there if only the IOC would include it). For now, the easisest to single out is the national Olympic Comitee's chairman Vlade Divac, as calls for his head are multiplying by the hour.

Delusional press hacks and fans honestly believe that if only Divac would resign our sportsmen will finally train under conditions where instruments are not old enough to have been used by their parents, where water temperature in pools in showers is not icy and where accomodation is worthy of the name it carries. and once that is achieved we will be showered with medals in Rio.

"But lousy conditions are nothing new, we used to be able to overcome that in the past" I hear people reply. The key words here are "in the past". So why not now? One need not go any further then this blog for an explanation. Right after the previous Olympics i n Beijing closed 4 years ago I wrote:

Now we have the so-called "democratic forces", forces of "transition" and "common market". The media are killing all national consciousness for years, it spreads disdain towards national culture and scorns expressing national feelings. Such spiritual state has inevitably transferred onto sports teams. Why is it that today football, basketball, volleyball and other teams do not push harder when they come up against more formidable opponents? Why should they? For whom? For themselves? They have won enough, they have nothing more to prove. To governement officials that continue to abuse them? To a people afraid that any idiot can accuse them of fascism for merely waving the national flag?
Any changes in the social conciousness that might have happened since are only in their inception and are being introduced timidly, not enough to have a significant effect. There are only 4 days left to see whether our last gold medal would, symbolically, still date from the last days of Milošević, or will the waterpolo team, equally simbolically, usher in a new, post-Tadić spiritual era.

Monday, August 06, 2012

A breath of fresh air or another false dawn?

Amidst contradictory and often inconclusive statements the new governement of Serbia has been making about Kosovo and Metohija and especially after years of craven sycophancy of the quisling Tadić governement, the latest statements by Aleksandar Vulin, the head of the Kosovo and Metohija Office of the Serbian governement are indeed refreshing and more. Here is the excerpt which is particularly striking:

To that end, he appealed for the term "parallel institutions" not to be used to describe the Serbian institutions in Kosovo, considering that they were formed in line with the Constitution and are financed from Belgrade. Those financed from Priština, i.e., the Kosovo Albanian authorities, are in fact parallel, he added.
Such a defiant response to a Western demand is not recorded even in the days of Milošević. It is of especial significance that Vulin did not accept enemy terminology which is a foremost condition of winning on the issue.

The interview is, however, not all roses. The part where he repeats the governement line of "implementing previous agreements" is troubling and contradicts the initial parts and still leaves the reader confused and wondering about the Serbian governements intentions. In any case, the new governement should be judged by it's actions, not words. That goes for both sets of Vulin's statements going in opposite directions.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

No more quater to them

The picture speaks for itself. I'd just like to add that Tadic's Democrat party(as well as it's surrogates, allies and satellites) can no longer be a legitimate Serbian party and should not be treated as such. It must be shunned by all other political factors in the country and thoruoghly destroyed as a political force. The period of it's rule must be proclaimed a historical and social anomaly and it's leaders proscribed from polite society. With this I leave you for three weeks since I'll be off to my vacation.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Lybia - less then a year on

Here is one of few and far between articles about post-Ghaddafi Lybia that tell the truth, courtesy of Daily Telegraph:

Amnesty International said that Libya risked repeating the violations that led to the uprising that removed the dictator after 42 years in power last August.

On Saturday, Libyans will chose a congress to appoint a cabinet and a body to draft a new constitution.

But the transitional authorities, Amnesty said, have not only failed to control militias, but effectively granted them immunity from prosecution in the name of protecting the revolution.

The human rights group's 72-page report documents dozens of cases of arbitrary arrest, long-term detention, beatings, abuse and torture of anyone suspected of loyalty to Gaddafi.

It visited 15 unofficial prisons and spoke to a former government employee, who was arrested with her sister in the east of the country in February.

She was taken to a farm where she was suspended from a door for hours, had boiling water poured over her head and was beaten and stabbed.

Her sister was also badly beaten while the husband has disappeared. She was released without charge.

"It is deeply depressing that the authorities have failed so comprehensively to break the grip of the militias on Libyan security," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty's deputy director for northern Africa.

Militias vary in size from gangs guarding neighbourhoods to small de facto armies of the sort in Zintan that is holding Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam and which detained an International Criminal Court lawyer and her translator for a month after they visited him.

They often take their names from comrades killed in the conflict against the late dictator and boast that in the absence of a strong central authority they alone can guarantee security.

Operating above the law, militia raids on suspects often involve theft of cash, gold, cars and anything they can lay their hands on, said Diana Eltahawy, the author of the report.

Most are refusing to disarm or join the national army or police force. The ministry of interior told Amnesty that it had dismantled just four militias in Tripoli.

"What needs to change is that the government needs to at least admit what is happening. They refuse to admit how widespread these practices are. If they don't control it, it will be a very, very difficult culture to change," she said.

Isn't the new, democratic Lybia a great place? Isn't it wonderful that the evil dictator is deposed?

Not to worry though, as soon as the elections occur armed groups will be rushing to lay down their weapons, right? Right?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

11 years to the day

That's how long the Socialist Party of Serbia waited to avenge the illegal extradiction of Slobodan Milošević to the Hague. The right opportunity and the date finally presented themselves as today the Socialist Party head Ivica Dačić accepted the mandate to form a governement that will consist of Socialists, the Progressive Party of President Tomislav Nikolić and the Regions party of former minister Dinkić thus leaving the democrats and former President Tadić in the lurch after over a month of negotiations.

Sound too good to be true? It most likely is. If we, however, accept that there are no coincidences in politics we can hope that this time revenge was indeed served cold.

On the night of the presidential election run-off when it became clear that he will lose Tadić cathegorically dismissed the possibility of becoming Prime Minister. Dačić then lured him into going back on his word promising that they will form a governememnt together and then reneged on the promise by taking the premiership for himself.  And so Tadić and his party are not only total losers but have also come out of the defeat without a shred of dignity and credibility left in them. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people. They deserve a lot more then this humiliation. For Tadić and the leadership of the democrats a long stay in prison, wheras the party itself shoul be wiped off in every way because it is not a legitimate Serbian party but rather a collective mouthpiece for the EU and NATO. Live by the sword, die by the sword. We have seen this Biblical verse come alive today in Serbia in a most emphatic way because 4 years ago Tadić and the democrats took over the governement in the exact same way it is taken from them today.

If you believe that it is Tadić who sank lowest, you are wrong. Those who not only hit the bottom but are also digging are the members of Serbia's journalistic class who first tried everything in their power to resuscitate Tadić's political corpse by convincing the public that it would be best if he was Prime Minister, and then in a similar way tried to pressure Dačić into entering Tadić's governement. As fo today they, alongside their dear leader, are history with their reputations in the dust (at least for anyone with half a brain).

These are all reasons to have a happy St.Vitus Day after 11 years, at least for a short while. If we are to celebrate this particular St.Vitus Day in the future Dačić and his governement must continue in the same style and chip away at the deomcrats piece by piece until there is nothing left of them. Sadly, there is almost no reason for optimism in this area. Then again, who could have imagined this on the evening of May the 6th which is St. George's Day according to the Serbian Church calendar.

Friday, June 22, 2012

More then football

The unlikely Greece - Germany quaterfinal scheduled for tonight has already been festered with the cliche' "more then just a football game" all around the world and I suspect that the feeling in the two countries is similar.

As someone who would support Greece regardless of the political situation I have taken the liberty of offering advice to the Greek national team(not that they will ever read it): tone down the political conotations so that you do not burn up. Remeber the fiasco against Turkey in the World Cup qualifiers right after you became European champions in 2004.

As for the rest, you already know what to do...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wagner in Israel - one needs to go to the root of the matter

It was expected that the first fully-fledged Wagner concert in Israel would spark controversy. Even though the organizers, Israel’s Wagner society, privately financed the orchestra based on individual contracts with the musicians and even engaged Ascher Fisch, the renowned Israeli conductor, Tel Aviv University under pressure from Holocaust survivor groups denied the venue.

Far from me wanting to belittle the experience of death camp survivors and the emotions attached to it but what they’ve gone through is not a license to paint a caricatural and twisted image of Wagner nor misrepresent his supposed link with Hitler and the nazis. Bearing this in mind, I find the reaction and the line of defense taken by the Israel Wagner society erroneous. They are appealing to legalistic, universalist and ultimately abstract arguments such as freedom of expression and separating the artwork from the artist but those are either not comprehensible to the layman or acceptable to people with prejudices towards Wagner, who in turn make a moral and ethical issue the taboo on performances of his music.
It is precisely this moral high-ground that the Wagner society in Israel must attack by debunking the misconceptions and urban legends about Wagner that are disseminated to the people of Israel as facts.
Many Israeli Jews believe that Wagner ideologically influenced Hitler and the nazis and inspired him to commit the Holocaust. He did not.

Many Israeli Jews believe that Wagner advocated the extermination of the Jewish people. He did not.

Many Israeli Jews believe that Wagner coined the terms "Jewish problem" and "final solution". He did not.

Many Israeli Jews believe that Wagner had invented racial antisemitism in Germany. He did not

Many Jews believe that Wagner was played in the concentration camps. He was not (or at least, not disproportionately to other composers).

These are just some of the misconceptions about Wagner that dominate the public opinion. It has gotten to the point where people believe that Wagner actually lived during the Third Reich as, Ascher Fisch says. Besides those, another thing that needs to be exposed as fraudulent are the insane interpretations of Wagner’s musical dramas that insist on some characters being anti-Jewish metaphors.
It is clear that this is an uphill battle against overwhelming odds whose participants will likely be subjected to villification and character assasination but if Israeli Wagnerians really do want to lift the unofficial ban on Wagner in their country, this is the only way. Daniel Barenboim gave some of the guidelines recently but it was in general terms, without going into sufficient details.
The Israel Wagner society has to be more thoourough in this respect. What they lack in numbers and media support they can compensate in historical facts and documents that support them unearthed and endorsed by eminent historians such as Saul Friedlander, Joachim Fest, Ian Kershaw, Frederick Spotts, Bryan Magee, Dieter Borchmayer, Jacob Katz and others, not to mention some of the finest musical minds of the 20th century like Otto Klemperer, Bruno Walter, Sir Georg Solti and Arnold Schoenberg for all of whom nazi persecution was not an abstract far-away concept they read in history books but a real-life experience and which adored and promoted Wagner’s music to their dying day.
The Israeli establishment considers an informal ban on Wagner an act of defiance to nazi idelogy. For this ban to be lifted one must show that in fact this act symbolizes nothing and, as Jonathan Tobin in his article in Commentary magazine put it, „honors neither the Holocaust nor Israel’s culture” and that is possible only by breaking of the myth that is the connection to Wagner and nazism and by killing off this fictional character that is “Wagner the inspiration for Hitler”. Based on what I have read I’m not sure that the Israel Wagner society and their founder Jonathan Livny are aware of what they are dealing with.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Same old western media - western governements axis...

...always lieing, always manupulating.

When British foreign secretary William Hague stated the other day that Syria was "like Bosnia of the 1990-ties" he was actually telling the truth, but not in the way he had in mind. Indeed, Syria is just like Bosnia: one-sided, symplicistic reporting, misrepresentation of the nature of the conflict, hypoctritical high-horse moralizing from the EU and the USA officials as well as public figures, people trying to paint a more compley, or better, a more truthful picture, shouted down, even character assasinated...And now there is even a hoax of a massacre that was supposed to trigger "international humanitarian intervention".

Remember Houla? Well, you still do because up to yesterday you were saturated with reports of how "evil Assad" massacred "innocent civilians". Expect, however, for the town to duly slide back into oblivion now that the real perpetrators of the crime were discovered. Also to be expected is for crickets to chirp from western governements offices as well as public figures who urged another "humanitarian intervention" whenever Houla comes up for conversation, if it even comes up again at all. Because being a "humanitarian interventionist", whether governemental or not, means never having to say you were wrong or that you are sorry.

Houla is not, as interventionist hacks, a culmination of attrocities, but rather a prelude of things to come for Alawites, Shi'ites and Christians in Syria should the so-called democratic forces succeed in toppling Assad. And if these things do come, the safest bet in the world is that the do-gooders, moral highgrounders and others that pushed for the West giving aid to the anti-Assad forces will go back into their ivory towers, close their ears in the "la-la-la we can't hear you" stile, and focus on another country whose population needs to be dealt misery and misfortune.

The scariest part, however, is that some will even boast the previous intervention as "succesful" and have no trouble keeping a straight face while doing it, because they actually believe it. Is civilization doomed?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Enoforcers of the "official truth" go on a rampage

Continuing on a positive trend he embarked upon since the moment he was elected the new President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić used his official position to reject the notion of a genocide being comitted in Srebrenica, a propaganda stick used to beat the Serb people and their leaders for almost 20 years now. Predictably, this sent EU/NATO officialdom, in the press as well as in the governement into a state of uncontrollable rage.

Predictable are the usual floscules in the papers as well as those coming from various spokesmen. What is less predictable and in fact outright disturbing is the announcement that Brussels will make this a topic for discussion during Nikolic's visit scheduled for June 14th.

The purpose of such discussion is not just to brownbeat Nikolić into submission, but to show just what is expected of the Serbian people as a whole: that it renounces not only the existence of Republika Srpska, the Serb entity in Bosnia, bit also it's view of the wars in Yugoslavia, the righteousness of their position and the truth about it. It also means that we should forget that we were victims of a very real genocide on the teritory of today's Bosnia-Hercegovina and not perpetrators of a fabricated-for-propaganda-purposes one. For a Serb to be a so-called European means to stop being Serb.

Along with the bloodhounds of the EU media, their wannabe counterparts in Serbia have also launched a campaign of character assasination against Nikolić and the Serbian people as a whole. So far the President's office gave no official response but then again, the Serbian media have compromised themselves so much since the elections he hardly has to. As for the response to Brussels I suppose we'll have to wait until after his visit. What is interesting is the lack of comments coming from political parties in Serbia. Once you scratch a bit on the surface the silence of the political parties becomes undestandable. Tadić does not want to jeopardize his chances of becoming Prime Minister while nationalist parties can not trust Nikolić, since he has not given him any reason to do so. And so he is left alone to fight this out any way he can.

He should not be, however. By no means do I advocate a blank cheque from the nationalists for Nikolić to take to Brussels, but a small signal that he will not be without support inside the country should the Brussels political commisars get really nasty. There is nothing to lose in this gesture, and a lot to gain. If Nikolić sticks to his guns it will finally break the media monopoly on the Srebrenica issue inside Serbia held by the Eurorunionists and force the first cracks even in mainstream media around the world. If he does another about face it will mean we could definitely write him off as a potential leader to take us out of this situation or even an ally.

Nikolić has, propably inadvertantly, set up a defining moment of his presidency in it's earliest stages. Let's help him make the definition a right one.

RIP Ray Bradbury

The author of the iconic novel "Fahrenheit 451", Ray Bradbury has died on Tuesday.  The book which made him famous belongs to the Holy Trinity of anti-totalitarian distopia, along with Orwell's "1984" and Huxley's "Brave New World".

Sadly, he lived long enough to see the degrees of heat going up all around civilization's greatest spritual achievements just because their creators did not subscribe to the contemporary ideology of multiculturalism and progressivism and everything that comes with it. To create our brave new world we must forget the old one, forget ancient truths that have for centuries kept us alive even in moments of greatest difficulty and accept lies, sweet little lies. As Robert Spencer said, it is perhaps a mercy to Bradbury that he did not live to see the worst.

Still, unlike Orwell and Huxley, Bradbury offers us a possbility of redemption. It is, according to him, in us. As long as we hold the classics and the truth they conveyed to us through our works, civilization will live on. Remember that.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Some reasons to be optimistic about Nikolić

Since one can not trust the media in Serbia or the USA/EU in order to find out out the truth about the meeting of Serbia's president-elect Tomislav Nikolić and Russian president Vladimir Putin one has to hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. And Russia Today global TV network is fairly close to that.

Some key excerpts and my comments:

President-elect Tomislav Nikolic, who is looking for more intensive relations with Russia, has promised that Serbia will never become a member of NATO.
Needless to say, this statement was omitted in the Serbian media reports of the meeting.

­Nikolic, who met Putin in the Russian president’s first meeting with a foreign leader since being elected, stated that Serbia is “on the road” to the European Union, admitting that it will be “a long road, and we will base our relations on the rules of international law.”
He added that he wasn’t sure if Serbia would be admitted into the EU unless “we recognize the independence of Kosovo and Metohija.”
What was that again about a half-truth being one whole lie? Again, key parts Nikolić's statement cncerning relations to Russia were omitted by the Serbian media who by and large chose to highlight the EU part making it look like Nikolić is poking Putin in nthe eye. Now, I am no fan of Nikolić but his statements as reported by Russia Today, and translated from diplomatic language are at the very least acceptable and a welcome change from the EU sycophancy expressed by Tadić.

Then again, Nikolić should be judged solely on basis of his actions. Therefore, the jury is still out on him and still not looking at him too favourably.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Good news and bad news

The good news is that Boris Tadić is gone.

The bad news is that Tomislav Nikolić is coming.

Elections without a real choice and between two evils: at least in that respect we are fully-fledged memebers of the so-called international community.

So, what now? Conventional wisdom dictates that Nikolić, after, at the behest of US and EU ambassadors, having betrayed his party and his principles(providing they ever were his principles), will just pick up where his predecessor left off. Then again, conventional wisdom also said that Tadić will win these elections easily...

The coalition that constitutes the governement will give some indication as to where things are headed. Two weeks ago the continuation of the same coalition that formed the governement in previous years seemed like a foregone conclusion. Now, all bets are off. Especially since it was the voters of the Socialist Party of Serbia who decided the presidential run-off by staying at home thus showing empathically their power and influence. Right now, it is likely that Socialist leader Dačić will be Prime Minister with the Progressive Party and the Democratic Party of Serbia lead by Vojislav Koštunica coalition members, but the continuation governement option is not off the table entirely. And some, especially the so-called analysts, by and large on the payroll of Washington and Brussels, have been calling for a governement formed between Tadić and Nikolić. In a perverse way, the latter would be the best option because it could lead to a wipe-out of all  pro-EU/NATO parties with one stroke.

In any case, stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wha could we learn from last night's Champions League semi

1) There is no football without a centerforward. Somewhere around the 70th minute it was sad to see how the unpteenth Barcelon run down the flanks ends up with a cross(if one can call it that) that goaes back to the edge of the box or further, and all that because there is no centerforward who can either escape his markers or drag them away and open up space for his team-mates. Add to this the early exit of Piquet whooften plays a surrogate tactical striker in games like these and no wonder chances were few and far between.

2) There is no football without long distance shots. If backward crosses were sad the lack of shooting from outside the penalty area was actually painful. The first Barca shot form distance was done at 80 something minute mark by Mascherano no less who had to com from the defense for the occasion. 

3) There is no football without aireal play and heading. Closely conected to point 1. And if that point was tragic and , while point number 2. was painful this one is downright hillarious. That is the only way to describe the confusion seen on Chelsea players' faces when they realized that there is not a single opposing player to mark in the area whenever Barca had a corner

4) Ball possesion does not matter, pitch posession does. And we saw last night that it is possible to achieve the former without the latter and the latter without the former.

5) God's 11th commandment does not exist, and it is most certainly not "Thou shall not score a goal without walking into it with the ball. It is a sin". ОК, I picked that one up from the Italian journalist Franco Rossi.

The question is, have Pep Guardiola and Barcelona learned these 5 pionts?

Monday, April 23, 2012

They have reached their last refuge

The visit to Belgrade of the former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, where he was invited by the Serbian Progressive Party and it’s candidate for mayor of Belgrade Aleksandar Vučić attracted a lot of media attention in Serbia, quite understandably. Naturally, the current mayor and a candidate on behalf of the ruling Democratic party Dragan Đilas weighed in on the issue. After giving due hommage to Giuliani’s achievements as mayor he reminded the public that Giuliani supported the NATO agressive war on Serbia in 1999.

A person unacquanited with Serbian politics might get the impression that the Democrats have some moral integrity. Those of us who got to know them like a bad penny have a radically different take on the situation . Of course what the Progressives and Vučić have done is disgraceful. But Đilas and the Democrats should spare us the self-righteous condemnation since they are at the bottom of the list of those who have a right to it. They are the same party which had as president(whom after his death they have elevated to an idol to worship) a man who supported NATO agression as well. That same party hired for the purpose of legal persecution of a political opponent via trumped-up charges a lawyer that advocated the bombing of Serbia some years before it actually happened. Their officials as well as those of satellite parties constantly parroted western propaganda points against Serbia and Serb people thus paving the way for war. This same party consider as their „main partners“ governements, personalities and political entities which are constantly putting in effort in order to wipe out what is left of the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija as the crowning achievement of their anti-Serb activites that are going on for decades.

It is with a heavy heart that I must concede that Lenin was spot on when he said that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Or at least, he couldn’t have been more spot on when it comes to our scoundrel Dragan Đilas.

PS Just so that someone does not get the impression that I support the Progressive party, I repeat that Vučić inviting Giuliani is a disgrace and that if anything good came out of Đilas’ hipocricy is that it exposed how far the Progressives have gone on their road to selling their souls to the Euroatlantist Satan.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Christ is Risen!

Now after the Sabbath, toward the dawn of the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb.

And behold, there was a great earthquake, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone and sat on it.

His appearance was like lightning, and his clothing white as snow.

And for fear of him the guards trembled and became like dead men.

But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified.

He is not here, for he has risen, as he said.

Matthew 28:1-6

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our 90-ties in a microcosm

A conflict with deadly cosequences arises in a place hardly anyone has heard of save it's nearest neighbours. Without getting to know the facts, the incident is immediately moulded into an ideological matrix with agressor and victim pre-emptively identified. The powers-that-be immediately weigh in on the issue, passing not only judgement but also self-righteous squabble and any trendy feel-good theory they come up with. This is immediately picked up in the media which adds it's extra slant, constructing it's own agenda driven version by presenting allegations as sentences and hearsay as facts as well as calling their target via their resident character assasins every nasty name in the book. The verdict is then given to the mob who, presented with such a distorted picture, can say only "guilty" and afterwards proceeds with carrying out the sentence which is death, whether real or psychological. No presumption of innocence, no due process, no right to an appeal, not even basic defense conceeded.

Sound like something you might have heard of? To Serbian readers the wars in ex-Yugoslavia will almost immediately come to mind. Well, they'd be right in recognizing it in the matrix I posted above. However, the specific case I had in mind is not that one, but the one that has been thrust at the center of American public opinion lately, the killing of a black teenager Trayvon Martin(or Trayvon Hussein Obama, if you prefer) by George Zimmerman.

As of now, George Zimmerman is at an undisclosed location and has so isolated himself from the world even his legal representatives can not continue working for him properly. And who could blame him? What would you do if your guilt has been implicitly proclaimed by the President of the USA, if your adress has been posted on twitter by a washed-up publicity whore(an adress that turned out to be false and an elderly couple was forced to suffer the wrath of the anti-Zimmerman lynch mob), if a racist group puts a bounty on your head and the national media seeking to make you a George Wallace with a shotgun while saturating your photo all around the airwaves?

Facts? Who needs stinkin' facts? Who wants to know that the white-hooded Zimmerman is actually of mixed white-Hispanic heritage, that he is a registered Democrat and likely an Obama voter, that he has tutored regularly black families and pursued personally a case of police brutality against a homeless black man for which the usual race demagogues were nowhere to be found? Zimmerman fits the narrative, anything that contradicts the official story is to be suppressed and those trying to put it in the foreground should be mercilessly shouted down. Zimmerman is fair game for anything, including outright manipulation of evidence. And if they get caught, they'll do some phony investigation coupled with an even phonier apology in which they will scupulously avoid any mention of the actual victim of their defamation. There is no way around it: Zimmerman is being publicly lynched!

Yes, people, this is liberal, progressive America in it's standard operating mode. Lawrence Auster put it best:

Liberal America—like the thugees of 19th century India, but with infinitely more power and reach—is a murder cult. It dehumanizes and slaughters its victims, whether physically or psychologically. It thrives, it increases its energy and power, on their suffering and death.

Today, it's George Zimmerman, tommorow who knows. And yesterday it was the Serb people. We were their 12 million George Zimmermans back in the day.

Friday, March 23, 2012

You could actually feel their disappointment

The most stupefying fact about the Toulouse murders is that there are people connected to it that are just as despicable, if not more, then the perpetrator Mohamed Merah. How's that possible, I hear you ask? Easy, just look at how the media treated the investigation of these ghastly murders.

Right after the crime took place rumours began (or rather, were disseminated in the hope that they will turn out to be a self-fullfiling prophecy) that the suspect is a neo-nazi, racist, right-winger etc. The MSM types were at that point openly fantasising about another Anders Breivik-type of lunatic who they could use as a pretext for yet another spree of character assasination and persecution of their political rivals.

As the truth began to emerge, the chorus had to adopt a different tune. Justification became the leitmotif, as every concievable reason for Merah's rampage was being speculated upon, the most prominent being, of course, not enought "diversity"(there will never be enough of that for the transnational progressives). Every reason, except the one given by the murderer himself.

This practice has been followed so rigidly one can predict it with a near certainty, just as Mark Steyn did two days ago, right down to the whining about the possible backlash and the attempt to displace the victim status. What was also predictable is the establishment politicians joining in.

Mohamed Merah is dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The cliched warning that follows usually goes like "but there are still a lot like him left". True, but they are not the biggest danger. It's the killers by proxy in the media we have to worry about.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Glimpses, but still not quite getting it

Benjamin Franklin once remarked that experiance is a dear(expensive) teacher but that fools won't learn at any other. The bigger the fool, the more tine it takes and more resources it's spent.

The late American conservative journalist Samuel Francis dubbed the Republicans "the Stupid party" and seeing how the it's presidential hopefuls, with the exception of Ron Paul, refuse to learn from experiance the moniker is quite apt. Lybia debacle notwithstanding, the main issue of the debate on Syria is the means to use to topple Assad, from "covert actions"(how can they be covert if they are being discussed and proposed in public) via armament of the anti-Assad forces(whatever their motive for toppling him may be) right through advocacy of another Lybia-esque "kinetic military action". And yet again, absolutely no thought is given on who or what will replace Assad nor of the broader consequences of his fall. Such approach worked wonders in Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and Lybia, didn't it?

Aside from the legal, political and moral bankrupcy of such policies, there is another, more profound reason to be dismayed at Republican knee-jerk belligerence. A lot of people forget the second part of Francis' characterization of the American political scene, the one when he called the Democrats "the Evil party". Again, the name is appropriate since the latter's embrace of transnational progressivism's and liberalism's social engineering threatens not only the very fabric of society but humanity itself as well. For better or worse, the GOP is the only political outlet from which voices of basic common sense and sanity can be heard in America. But this will largely go unheeded if the Republican party allows itself to be portrayed as a party of perpetual war, especially if the war(s) in question are not only patently illegal and immoral but also futile, costly and with no end anywhere near sight. War-weariness is a powerful sentiment that often trumps all others and transnational progressives/left liberals/Democrats must not be allowed to pander to it and thus keep power and advance their sinister agenda.

Still, thge situation is not completely dire, as prominent Republicans have taken at least some first steps towards the light(including some which you never would have dreamed of doing that). But from this basis created by events a coherent principled position must arise, not just in terms of ideology but of a coordinated concrete action as well, one that must include the denounciation of gratuituos belligerence allegedly based on "humanitarian motives" and "democratization", the exposure of "nation building" as a fundamentally bankrupt practice from a moral, ideological and practical point of view and last but not least, the marginalization of the proponents of such ideas and GOP's dissasociation from them. Practically, the entire hope of the spiritual and moral recovery of civilization rests on this.

Exaggeration? Too much importance given to what is essebtially an internal American matter? Perhaps. But seeing how completely the entertainement industry and academia signed on to progressivism and left liberalism, America's prominence in those areas of life as well as how the two are closely connected to the Democratic party you have to ask yourself do you want to risk Hollywood fantasies become offical policy, one forcefully implemented in your own land?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just as I had left it

A stomach virus has hit my entire household recently and that has been the main reason why there was no blogging for the past month or so.

Then again, was there anything to blog about? The world is more or less the same as it was in February. The usual suspects giving yet another proof that they've forgotten nothing and learned nothing are gung-ho for yet another "humanitarian war", this time in Syria. Talking of which, the shortsighted, cliched and bombastic(pun intentional) sloganeering is finally giving way to a more sober analysis, even among the officials. Iran's bomb is a hot issue, as it has been for the past 6 years at least. Vladimir Putin is still the undisputed leader of Russia, and the so-called Eurozone has slowed down on the way to it's imminent collapse.

On the domestic front, Serbia's governement has taken treason one step further by agreeing to the so-called "footnote representation" of "Kosovo" for the sake of the abstract status of a "candidate for EU membership" which brings nothing to the country except a dubious distinction of being the first rat to jump on board a sinking ship, as Srdja Trifković so aptly put it. And this just in: elections to be held on May 6th, as it has been expected.

As I type this, I did get an idea for another blog post which will come in a day or two and concerns some of the things in the first paragraph of this one. I hope to offer a fresh new look on burning issues.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

More on the hipocricy and ignorance on Syria

In yesterday's entry I linked to an article by Daniel Greenfield in which he gives a fairly realistic view on Syria. There is another part worth mentionig in it, one that shows the absurdity of pushing for a UN resolution on Syria calling for a regime change:

A closer look at the whole process reveals the ridiculousness of it. The Security Council Resolution calling for peaceful democratic change was co-sponsored by Saudi Arabia, which is an absolute monarchy, and which recently used tanks to suppress protests in Bahrain. As the driving force behind the Arab League, Saudi Arabia was the key player in moving for regime change in Libya. Now it has rubber stamped regime change in Syria.

But why are we expected to take a call by one tyranny for the overthrow of another as a moral duty. As bad as the Assad regime is, Syria is marginally more open and democratic than Saudi Arabia is. And unlike Saudi Arabia, it isn’t an Apartheid state that treats non-Muslims and women like dirt. If we were going to implement regime change on the basis of democracy and human rights, we would start with the Saudis.

Of the Muslim co-sponsors of the UN Resolution, virtually all of them have suppressed opposition movements and imprisoned political dissidents. Bahrain is another co-sponsor of the resolution and the only difference between it and Syria, is that Bahrain is a Sunni minority ruling over a Shiite minority, while in Syria it’s the other way around. Kuwait ethnically cleansed the Palestinians back in the nineties. Turkey is still conducting an occupation and murdering Kurdish civilians. Libya doesn’t have an actual elected government, but it’s still somehow sponsoring UN resolutions for regime change in another country.

Of the nine Muslim co-sponsors that have actual governments… eight are monarchies. Most are even absolute monarchies. The only quasi-democracy on the list is Turkey which has prisons filled with dissidents, persecutes minorities and continues to deny its genocidal actions. Not to mention its violation of UN resolutions on Cyprus.

Muslim absolute monarchies are calling for implementing democratic change in Syria. Did monarchies which torture and execute dissenters expected anyone to believe that they were concerned because the Assad family was killing opponents of the regime? Two of the co-sponsors had been doing the same thing last year. One of the co-sponsors is busy torturing former members of its regime right now.

The UN Resolution was based around the Plan of Action of the League of Arab States based on an observer mission to Syria headed by General Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi. Al-Dabi headed up the Sudanese genocide, he is the pet thug of Sudan’s indicted war criminal leader, Omar al-Bashir and helped create the Janjaweed rape squads.

Obama has been on the record opposing any military intervention in Sudan, despite the fact that an actual genocide did take place there. But now we are being led by the Gulf Cooperation Council members into another regime change plan. The loudest voice calling for military intervention is Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani, the fat smirking thug running Qatar.

Another of the Al-Thani clan, who serves as foreign minister, said, “We ask that the Syrian regime leave and hand over power. We are with the Syrian people, with their will and with their aspirations.” The Al-Thanis, who rule in an absolute monarchy, are the last people to be cheering on the aspirations of the people. The Al-Thanis can’t see the people from their palaces.

So ridiculous, it isn't even funny. We live in the era of tribal morality, where good is when we rob the neighbouring village while evil is when the neighbouring village robs us. Principles? We don't need no stinkin' principals!

As for the ignorance part of the title, be sure to read an article by Yedidya Atlas at Frontpage Magazine titled "Who are the Syrian people?" in which he expands on the argument Greenfield mentioned in his article.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind

Russian foreign minister was spot on: the West's reaction to yet another joint Russo-Chinese veto on Syria is hysterical. And pathetic to boot. There is no other word to describe the western diplomats' temper tantrums comparable to those of a child that has just been deprived of it's favourite toy.

Honestly, after Lybia, what did they expect? That their waxing about "poor unarmed Syrian civilians opressed and murdered by that evil dictator Asad" was going to be credible? The nonsense of it all id not lost on Daniel Greenfield, who writes:

If anyone is to blame for Russia and China’s vetoing of the Syria resolution in the UN Security Council, it’s Barack Obama. Last year the United States and the Arab League brought forward a No Fly Zone to the UN Security Council. Instead of enforcing a No Fly Zone, Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy instead used it as an excuse for an invasion and regime change. If Russia and China refused to take another plan from the same suspects at face value, the blame lies with an administration that abused a No Fly Zone.

The message from Russia and China is fairly clear. Fool me once, shame on you. But don’t even think about trying it twice.

I would, however, argue, like I did back in October, that the Russians and the Chinese were anything but fooled and that back then as well as now they knew exactly what they were doing. To them, Assad is a bigger asset then Ghadafi was and they acted accordingly. This simple notion of action being driven by national interest is something US/NATO can not swallow. But their musings replete with ideological cliches are among clear thinking people met with a mixture of bemusement and derision, as Caroline Glick notes:
Most US leaders have used rhetoric to explain their policies. But if you take the Obama administration's statements at face value you are left scratching your head in wonder. Specifically on Syria, if you take these statements literally, you are left wondering if Obama and his advisers are simply clueless. Because if they are serious, their indignation bespeaks a remarkable ignorance about how decisions are made at the Security Council.
Outside the intellectual universe of the Obama administration - where stalwart US allies such as Hosni Mubarak are discarded like garbage and foes such as Hugo Chavez are wooed like Hollywood celebrities - national governments tend to base their foreign policies on their national interests.

In light of this basic reality, Security Council actions generally reflect the national interests of its member states. This is how it has always been. This is how it will always be. And it is hard to believe that the Obama administration was unaware of this basic fact.

Sadly, Glick contradicts herself in the rest of the article by lamenting over Obama not "stopping Asad from killing the people of Syria". For a dose of reality we go back to Daniel Greenfield:

And who are the Syrian people anyway? Is it the Sunnis or the Alawites or the Christians? This isn’t a civil war between a dictator and his people, no matter how often the media and foreign policy experts will repeat the lie, it’s a religious conflict between a ruling Shiite splinter sect and Sunnis backed by Turkey and Arabian Gulf monarchies.

For all the talk of replacing Assad with an inclusive system based on elections, this will mean majority rule and the disenfranchisement of non-Sunnis, non-Muslims and women at the hands of the rebels handpicked by Turkish ruling Islamist party and the Emir of Qatar. Egypt’s democracy led to an Islamist parliament. There is no reason to expect a Syrian election not to lead to the same thing.

As the old saying goes, one should be careful what one wishes for because it may just come true. But how can one reason with people that do not learn not only from sayings but even from real-life experiance? The warnings similar to that of Greenfield will be either ignored or shouted down by screeching propagandists and later vindication will be scant consolation since the consequences of ideologically-driven ill-concieved policies will be to grave for people to dwell on past warnings.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christ is born!

And behold, a voice from heaven said,"This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased." - Matthew, 3:17

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

All the best in 2012 to all my readers.