Wednesday, December 21, 2011

There's always a new low

The mass outpouring of histerical grief seen these days is almost unprecedented as one after another eulogy is piling up, each seeking to outdo the previous in it's praise for the deceased.

No, this is not the description of North Corea after the death of Kim Jong Il but rather the summary of reactions of the so-called mainstream right-wing commentators and other prominent figures to the death of Cristopher Hitchens. The man hated God, family and country (not necessarily in that order) things the pseudo-conservatives of today profess to so dearly love so what was there not to like about him, indeed?

Caroline Glick is one of the rare dissenting voices in that area. I would just like to add that Hitchens hated Christinity as much, if not more, then Judaism and he kept writing anti-christian diatribes even while the so-called conservatives and rightists, especially in America, were gushing about him.

But, in the end, all this says more about the present state of the "conservative" movement then about Hitchens. It's simply a logical outcome of replacing the moto of "God, family, country" with "Anything or anyone that expediates the current agenda" and when worship of power replaces principle.

The people in North Corea are likely either brainwashed or coerced into their mourning, what's the excuse of the so-called conservatives?

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1389 said...

Christopher Hitchens also libeled the Serbian people.

By the way, David Hitchens, his brother, still lives and is a far wiser man.