Wednesday, October 05, 2011

They do indeed play it

Someone once said that in international policy Americans play checkers while the Russians play chess. There can hardly be a better confirmation of this adage then the current events surrounding the upheaval in the Arab world.

Eyebrows were raised when Russia abstained from voting on the resolution on Lybia and many were disappointed with the move. In light of yesterday's joint Russo-Chinese veto on the sanctions against Syria the decision makes perfect sense. It was a calculated sacrifice of a pawn in order to protect the rook or the bishop. The Russians knew that NATO will exceed it's authority and turn the so-called mission to protect civilians into a full blown war against Ghaddafi and his supporters. Just like the scorpio from the famous story, they couldn't help it, it is in their nature. Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaliy Churkin said as much during the debate in the Security Council.

This, of course, drew a predictable hissy-fit from the west all with the standard cliches about "freedom, human rights and democracy". Just like the Burbons of France, NATO countries forgot nothing and learned nothing. Just like in Lybia, little is known about the so-called Syrian opposition. Just like in Lybia, some less then complimentary facts emerge from behind the wall of mystery. And just like in Lybia the warnings are ignored or shrugged off. Because, in any event they are not ignoring them at their own (immediate) peril but at that of the country in the region they proclaim to be allies with and to whose security they claim to be dedicated to.

Yes, that is Israel I'm talking about and yes that is the people in it longing for Assad's fall I'm warning here, because unlike their western counterparts, they might actually listen. The caution you displayed in the case of Egypt was admirable, as well as the same about Lybia(even if it was to a smaller extent). Don't throw it away because of personal animosity towards Assad, justified as it may be. You think anything is an improvement over Assad? Many of your people originating from Lybia thought the same about Ghaddafi and daydreamed of renewing the Jewish presence in that country but they were quickly slapped back into reality. Stay awake. You won't always have the Russians and the Chinese indirectly saving you from yourselves and your supposed allies.

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