Thursday, October 06, 2011

More on the subject of forgetting and learning nothing

Yesterday I posted a link on the story about a man seeking to renew the Jewish community of Lybia after the fall of Ghaddafi. I admit I only casually glanced on the story and assumed that he had learned his lesson. Was I wrong about that!

You see, the man in question, a certain David Gerbi, even after the slap in the face he recieved has gone straight back to the dreamworld. Not only does he still believe the official slogan of the so-called rebels that harps on about "freedom" and "democracy" he actually wanted to be part of their "governement"! Whatsmore, he is actually amazed that they wouldn't have him!

As one of the commenters on the JihadWatch site, where this story appeared, wrote:"There is no nice way of putting this: the man is an idiot!" While one can excuse his blanket dismissal of warnings sober man have sounded about the "rebels" of Lybia, to persist in the erroneous ways even after paying the full tuition fee to the teacher called Experience is a hallmark of astounding stupidity. At this point, any sympathy one struggled to find for Mr.Gerbi should be foregone and in fact, replaced by a perverse sensation that anything that might happen to him he will have richly deserved.

Sort of tells you how the western establishment types came to be, does it not?

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