Thursday, October 27, 2011

Andrew McCarthy - the sanest and bravest person in America

Sorry, Michele, but Andrew upstaged you, and deservedly so, because he dared in his column at National Review(brought by Ruthfully Yours) go where you didn't.

Honestly, everything that needed to be said, that Michele Bachmann had the chance to say, was said by McCarthy:

1) The final result of the Lybia war is disastrous. It would have been better of if Ghadafi had stayed in power.

2) The war against Lybia was not only illegal but also deeply unethical and immoral. There was not as much as a shadow of a threat to the USA coming from Ghaddafi or anything remotely resembling a justifiable casus belli. Lockerbie, cited often as an excuse by the war-mongers, has been settled by a treaty Ghadafi made with US and Britain in 2004, the latter thereby having forfeit all further claims concerning the incident. Same goes for the Berlin disco bombing and other events involving Ghaddafi's Lybia.

3) The whole business about "responsibility to protect civilians" is hogwash, plain and simple.

4) Those most gung-ho for the war were fawning over Ghaddafi in his tent only a year earlier. McCarthy mentions Lindsey Graham, and I would also like to give John McCain a dishonourable mention.

5) America will reap what she has sown in Lybia soon enough.

Be sure to read the whole article and conserve it. It is rare to see a pull-no-punches criticism mostly devoid of standard cliches of American action abroad in a mainstream publication. And stand by for a torrent of character assasinations on McCarthy from party hacks from both "left" and "right".

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1389 said...

I'm also trying to be sane and brave while living in America, and let me tell you, it isn't easy!

I support:

The Orthodox Church
Israel and the Jews
Secessionists in Alaska, Texas, and the American South

And I make no secret of any of that. Because of some security problems involving my family, I cannot reveal my online identity in person (or vice versa), but I say the same things and support the same values in person as I do online.

Obviously, I'm never going to be elected to anything!