Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It’s amazing where one can find trash

No, I’m not talking about the untidyness of my hometown, although that does warrant a blog post of itself. This one will be about hoe everybody seems to have his or her memories of 9/11 and how writing about them is not for everyone, especially not if you have major ideological monkey to get off your back.

Paul Krugman’s name is propably on everyone’s mind as they read the words above, but this is not about him. He is a certifiable nutjob, taken seriously only by his fellow nutjobs and I don’t understand why he’s generated so much undeserved reaction. Instead, I’d like to share a text that is in the same mould and in a way arguably worse.

Surfing around some tennis sites, for reasons you propably imagine, I came across, among other texts, of this diatribe against Republicans, conservatives, Tea-partiers and middle America in general by the site’s regular contributor Steve Tignor that purported to pass for a 9/11 rememberance column. Instead of this 888-word tripe, Tignor should have simply written „Thanks for the sympathy, but I still think you are ignorant, uneducated, inbred, low-life bunch of red-necks unworthy to tread on the same ground with us enlightened New York liberals.“ That would have at least been honest in it's intent and purpose. What amazes most of all is the article’s tone of bemusement as to why middle America is not too fond of people like Tignor! Honestly, after you read this condescending, holier-than-thou liberal pamphlet you can not help wondering what is there to like about them?

And in the typical hypocritical fashion, and just like his fellow liberal boor Krugman, Tignor declared he won’t take comments on this article instead inviting people to e-mail him about it. That’s right, conceal negative reaction and responses, in the perfect Soviet-era Pravda fashion.

A particularly low and sinister article, even by the gutter standards of New York liberal press corps.

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