Friday, August 12, 2011

Will there be an England?

Difficult to answer that. The reasons that lead to the recent riots are much more complex then those that lead to simmilar incidents in France 2005 and other parts of Europe recently. In France the criminal anti-social culture is limited by and large inside the community of unassimilable immigrants. The fact that the French mainstream culture and native population still either have serious delusions about their society or are afraid to say the truth is another matter altoghether. In the UK things are much worse. Ignorance, disrispect for authority, welfare parasitism and criminality have all but become mainstream.

Exaggeration? Not at all. Max Hastings and Melanie Phillips give exact data that proves this. The only question now is have things gone beyond repair? Has England irredeemably sunk into the depths of social breakdown? As I said, it's difficult to answer that. However, I do believe that the point at which it was possible to reverse course by elections has long since passed and that a full-scale revolution is the only hope.

You know things are really, really bad when an England football game gets cancelled and when the Premier League contemplates postponing the start of the season(in the end only Spurs-Everton is called off for now). The last time that happened was in 1939. Need I state the reason?

Talking of which, Ann Coulter is right on the money with this:

If Britain of 1939 were composed of the current British population, the entirety of Europe would today be doing the "Heil Hitler" salute and singing the "Horst Wessel Song."

Is there a surviving British WWII veteran not asking himself now:"Is this what we fought for?"

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