Friday, August 26, 2011

Not over until it's over

While the so-called rebels managed to deal a great blow to Gaddafi, one should not be too quick to declare Lybia a finished article. As long as Gaddafi is at large the war will go on, since it is by now clear he will fight to the bitter end and that the base of his support is much wider then previously thought.

And save for the usual US governement sycophants and star-eyed, head-firmly-in-the-clouds ignoramuses, there is little jubilation going on about the fall of Gaddafi. It seems, amazingly enoguh, that people outside the governement circles have actually learned something from the past cases of Afganistan, Iran, Egypt...Took them long enough, mind you.

As for the establishment, they are like the old Burbon dynasty of France, they have forgotten nothing and have learned nothing, just as the above cartoon shows.

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