Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The shortest answer is the best

Predictably, as soon as the background of the Norwegian murderer Anders Breivik was released into the general public, the mainstream media, finally having found the elusive white, European, christian terrorist that fits their ideological matrix, went into a fit of frenzy. The usual suspects began their usual orgy of smears, libels and character assasinations in order to silence anyone opposing their view of the world.

How to respond to this onslaught? Certainly not by watering down or giving up your truthful views on the matters of globalist liberalism, progressivism, global jihad and other issues. Nor does one need to ceaselessly keep condemning the act or stipulating how one "does not advocate violence". In my humble opinion the Robert Spencer came up with the best possible answer, something along the lines of:"Now I know how the Beatles felt when they heard Charles Manson had said he has been inspired by their music."

That won't shut them up for long, they will come up with a new sophistry to attack their opposition. But the bombastic effect of the attacks will be defused. Anything they come up with afterwards simply won't stand the "shock value" test, nor even basic logic. Sometimes, less is truly more.


Gray Falcon said...

Ooh, well-put indeed. Better than the "yes, but" defense people tend to instinctively mount, thanks to the pervasive culture of guilt.

1389 said...

I have been blogging about this same issue quite a bit myself - I tried to get in touch with you at your old email address but it doesn't work any more. Please click HERE for my current email address.

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