Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You just knew that this was coming, didn't you?

The spectacular failure of the western intervention in Lybia has reached it's nadir. Acting as "rebel" air force has produced little result in reversing the fortunes of war so the decision is to step it up:

General Richards, chief of the defense staff in Britain, spoke in an interview at NATO's southern headquarters in Naples, Italy, which has served as a command center for the attacks. "The vise is closing on Qaddafi, but we need to increase the pressure further through more intense military action," he said in the interview, published in The Sunday Telegraph. "We now have to tighten the vise to demonstrate to Qaddafi that the game is up."

He added that the bombing campaign, which has involved more than 2,500 sorties since it began March 19, had been "a significant success." But he added: "We need to do more. If we do not up the ante now there is a risk that the conflict could result in Qaddafi clinging to power."

The general suggested NATO should be freed from restraints that have precluded attacking infrastructure targets; other NATO officials have suggested in recent weeks that these could include elements of the electrical power grid in government-held areas, and fuel dumps.

How does bombing Lybian infrastructure conform with the goal of "protecting civilians"? Does anyone intend to ask these people that? Aren't Lybians who support Ghaddafi also civilians? Or are some civilians more equal then others? I know that nobody will ever ask these questions, but I'm still dying to hear what kind of insult to intelligence and common sense will they give as an answer!

Then again, the whole war in Lybia is an insult to intelligence and common sense...

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