Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I believe this is only fair

Julia Gorin has an interesting article about activists from Serbia who helped the Egyptian "revolution" using the October 2000 coup as a model.

Well, I hope they are proud of their achievement which consists moslty of the rise of the Muslim Bortherhood and it's agenda, persecution of Christians and threats of war and genocide against neighbours.

The only just reward for this feat would be to have future refugees from now all but inevitable Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt as well as a likely war in the Middle East settled in the houses and flats of these useless idiots and have all their other property confiscated and handed over as compensation for other losses Egyptian christians, secular Muslims and basically all sane people living there are likely to suffer. It is about time they suffer consequences for bringing calamity on whole countries and it's peoples, with Serbia being their first victim.

Pipe dream? Perhaps. But stranger things have happened indeed.

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