Monday, April 25, 2011

Out of town

I'm off on a week's vacation/holiday(depending on your prefered version of English) and thus will not blog. See you all in the first week of May.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ is Risen!

Indeed He is Risen!

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live - John 11:25

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That's the way

Two months ago a laughably misnamed "Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada", a Bosnian Muslim shill organization managed, through a combination of smears and intimidation, to ban Srdja Trifkovic from entering Canada.

Little did they know that this only made Trifkovic even more eager in his quest for the truth. Soon himself and Julia Gorin exposed this "institute! for what it really is: a vile Serb-hating, Jew-hating organization. The expose' was sent on various adresses including that of Elie Wiesel, who sat on the "institute's" international board of experts. In the face of these damning, irrefutable facts, Wiesel, a man sympathetic to the Bosnian Muslim cause in the 1990s promptly resigned from the board. One hopes that this will not end here and that the expose' on the "institute" and it's head Emir Ramic will be sent to other people and organizations associated with it resulting in it's banishment from decent society where it should never have been in the first place.

There is a lesson to be learned from all this. When confronted with enemy smears that appear to be succesful we should not wallow in self-pity and lament the injustice of it all and instead we should act, fight lies with the truth. Most people, even with pre-concieved notions as we see, will not be willing or able to defy stone-cold facts nor suspend logic and reason. Those are powerful allies and are both on our side, all we need to do is look out for them. Kudos to Srdja Trifkovic for doing so.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The forgotten crisis

Obscured by the war in Lybia, civil war in Ivory Coast passed by largely unnoticed by the mainstream media. On the rare occasion that they did give some news it was given within the typical democratist cliche': sitting president won't cede power in spite of having lost the election. Scratch, the surface, however, and a somewhat different picture appears, as Steven Plaut tells us:

The background to the civil war and the current constitutional crisis is the massive in-migration of Muslims from the countries neighboring the Ivory Coast, mainly from Burkina Faso. The infiltrators settled in the northern half of the country, and also in pockets in the south, including in some neighborhoods inside the country’s largest city, Abidjan. Today Muslims, including illegals, are almost 40% of the population of the country (although Muslim and other sources claim they are really considerably higher), the remainder being a mixture of Christians (mainly Roman Catholics) and animists.

Tensions between the immigrant population and the indigenous Ivorians goes back to the 1960s. Successive governments there have regarded the immigrants to be “circumstantial Ivorians” (their term), as opposed to the “pure Ivorians,” who are the natives. The illegal “aliens” constitute more than a quarter of the current population of the country. The alien-native dichotomy overlaps to a large extent with the divisions between non-Muslims and Muslims, and is the most important background factor in explaining the ongoing civil war.

Te parallels with our situation are not lost on Plaut:

Nevertheless, the conflict in the Ivory Coast shows what happens when massive illegal immigration leads to the demographic eclipse of a native population. The same Western powers so ready to strip the Serbs of their heartland to create a second Albanian nation-state in Kosovo have been unwilling to sustain any nation-state for indigenous Ivorians, and indeed have backed the aliens.

Plaut did not mention other facts which make the Ivory Coast situation even more sinister, such as allegations of massive vote fraud in the north of the country where Gbabo people basically had no access to polling stations and ballot boxes, intimidation and murder of Gbabo loyalists etc. You won't see any of this on BBC or CNN though. Why let facts get in a way of a perfectly good propaganda? Nor will any western governement take notice lest it spoils their ideological matrix. Besides, it can not happen to them, right?

Wrong. It's coming to a country near you, inevitably. Decades of uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalist madness made sure of that.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Bitter and twisted: open season on Wayne Rooney

You would think by the histeria surrounding him lately that Wayne Rooney has done something really, really awful. Like starting a war against Lybia or murdering a mother, father and their three children(including a 3-month old baby). Instead, we learn a few swear-words coming from his mouth happened to be caught on camera.

Cue the histerical phone-ins, moralizing, lecturing columns and a two match ban from the increasingly incompetent FA. Meanwhile other players of lesser quality can get away with assaults on fellow teammates(using potentially deadly weapons at times) without as much as a slap on the wrist coming from the official bodies and with the press corps mentioning nary a word.

Or is it incompetence? Because these words coming from the chairman of the FA leave room for all kinds of thoughts:

“I would like to thank our wonderful fans for their backing. They have been fantastic in their support, which has never wavered even during the most difficult times. I have been touched by their kindness and enthusiasm. I have supported Manchester City since I was a boy and I am desperate for us to succeed.”

Just how desperate are you, Mr. Bernstein? Desperate enough to arrange the suspension of your team's opponent's star player?

And I thought football in Serbia was corrupt.

As for those press hacks piling up on Rooney, the them I say: go play a game of football, even 5-a-side, because you've obviously never done that before. If you had, you wouldn't be so eager to jump on the Rooney bandwagon.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April 6th 1941, NEVER FORGET

Today is the 70th anniversary of the Nazi agression against the Kingdom of Yugoslavia that started with aerial bombing of Belgrade in the early morning hours of April 6th 1941. Over 3000 people lost their lives and the damage caused was incalculable. The direct perpetrators were sentenced to death for this crime, while the ones who gave the order managed to cheat the hangman by swallowing cyanide.

I doubt that even in their wildest fantasies they could imagine that they would have their apologists in Serbia, those who relativize their crime and at times even express some form of understanding for their postition.

Am I being too harsh? Not at all. There is no other way to describe those who prefer to concentrate their venom against those who took up arms against the Nazis by calling them "irresponsible" and accusing them of "being the cause of our misfortune by provoking the Germans". What is particularly disheartening is that a large portion of these people think of themselves as patriots and in this day and age they advocate resistance against EU/NATO and accuse Tadić and his governement of being "quislings". The schizofrenic nature of their position is lost on them, as well as the irony of them parroting the propaganda line of the current regime that seeks to portray opposition to Euro-atlantic forces as ultimately pointless. And when confronted with those facts, they just begin to repeat the mantra "That's not the same thing", more in an attempt to convince themselves then to convince others. And why is it not the same? Because they say so.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why parties and movements opposed to Euromadness have been unsuccessfull up to date. Until basic consistency is established between judging the past and the present a future that includes freedom will continue to elude us.