Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm back at last!

Took me long enough, but here I am...There are various reasons for my almost year-long hiatus.

Most important are those personal. A child changes your life, it turns it around completely, especially a firstborn...Priorities change, and dramatically so. Thus blogging descended on my list of priorities.

Besides, there was very little to blog about, really. The reality was grim, almost everything transpired in the horrible way I had forseen and I did not fancy writing something resembling a chronicle of a downfall.

In the past months things began to change though, in Serbia and the world. Here, the people are finally starting to sober from euro-insanity and the hangover is not pretty. It seems, also, that we finally have seeds of new parties and movements forming, people unwilling to settle for unprincipled comprimises, accept existing rotten and out-dated ideological matrixes and willing to speak and tackle real problems.

Elsewhere, in America, such a movement finally brought the issue of national debt to the forefront (with the latter staying there for the forseeable future) as well as the collapse of HopeAndChange. Now, will they have the guts to push it all the way? That would mean a reassesement of many assumptions represented as sacrosant by the establishment...

And last but not least, we have the upheaval in the Arab/Muslim world...Is it over? Hardly. How will it bode for the future? Nobody knows for sure but there are worrying indicators...

More on all of this later. Suffice to say for the time being that I will be more active from now on.

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1389 said...

I am delighted to see that you have returned to blogging.

I myself took a long hiatus from blogging, for various reasons, but I returned some time ago.

The world needs to hear the truth, and you have a unique voice and perspective.