Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hypocritical and dumber

In a strange break from the health-care debate the major topic of discussion in American politics have become the alleged controversial statements of Senator Harry Reid on then-Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Without giving it much thought Republicans and conservatives jumped on the opportunity and ganged up on Reid demanding his resignation. Their reaction was as dumb as it was quick. Yes, if Reid was Republican we would already be seeing a lynch mob consisting of the usual race-card players, media pundits, democrat politicians(sorry for repeating myself) and other phony do-gooders lambasting the man with a barrage of various labels. Yes, anyone that would dare to defend Reid would get the same treatment, which is why nobody would eventually. Everything that points out the hypocrisy of modern-day liberalism is true. As usual, though, the Republicans can not see the wood from the tree.

By demanding that Senator Reid resigns over some remarks he made off-record they are effectively signing-on to the liberal-progressivist way of thinking and one of the tennets of their ideology: political correctness. Instead of combating this plague that is hampering the modern civilization, they are advancing it. Even if they succeed in their efforts to remove Reid it will be a meaningless tactical victory for the Republican party alone and a significant strategic loss for all those figthing for true freedom of expression regardless of political orientation. Making politically correct standards the only standards will inevitably drive civilization into an ever deeper mire.

The Stupid Party? Absolutely.


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