Wednesday, January 20, 2010


January 19th is the holiday of Epiphany according to the Julian Calendar which is still used by Serbian, Russian and Georgian Orthodox Churches as well as the Coptic Church and the Jerusalem Patriarchy. After half a century of electing a drunk and a murderer, a year almost to the day after the election of the Anoited Prophet Of Hope and Change, the voters of Massachusetts(I got the spelling right, unlike some political candidates) had an epiphany of their own and decided to put a stop to the scheming of Obama and his cohorts.

So where did the latter blow it? Because there can be no doubt that they did blow it, big time(and that is a galactic understatement). A year ago they cruised on the wave of popular enthusiasm to one of the most convincing electoral victories ever recorded, promising a new era in every way and with the means to deliver it. It was actually then where seeds of this defeat began to be sown. Democrats started to believe their own hype and thought they could ram just about anything down the population's throat while facing only token opposition. After all, they had the White House, both houses of Congress by a wide margin and the mainstream media ready to cover for them. Republicans and their base was directionless and demoralized and the timing seemed to be perfect. In their victorious hubris Obama and his crew let it all slip out at once, the health care and welfare programs, the nationalization of industries, tax-hiking and other programmes that amassed new debt on the already debt-ridden US economy.

When resistance to such measures proved to be stiffer then at first thought, the Democrats' response was at best clumsy, at worst offensive. Their representatives went from petulant child-like complaints at being heckled and called names through dismissive labels about protesters as "people living in the past" right down to offensive fascist/nazi comparisons. The sycophant media was also quick to give their own contribution when they put the race card on the table. Not only did that not deterr the opponents of the Obama plan and in fact galvanized them even more, such behaviour from the establishment turned off fence-sitters and even some supporters. By summer it was clear that the road to Obama-world would be bumpy. All of a sudden it was the democrats who were disoriented by the unexpected turn of events.

The death of Ted Kennedy re-ignited the flame for a short while. Thanks to his political machinations Massachusetts introduced a bill that would require a special election should a US senator from that state die or retire instead of the customary governor's appointment. The bill was set up in order to prevent then-governor Mitt Romney, a Republican, from appointing someone from the GOP to the Senate but in the ironic turn of events only a higher power could engineer Democrats not only got hoisted up by their own petard but lost the crucial vote in the most liberal state of them all and the seat held by one of it's most iconic figures.

How could this have happened? While putting it all down to Martha Coakley and her inept(another gallactic undestatement) campaign seems a bit simplicistic at first, it is the truth, from a certain point of view at least. Martha Coakley and her campaign were in fact the embodyment of everything that makes leftist, post-modern liberalism and progressivism so evil: the arrogance, snobism, elitism, aloofness, disdain for the "average Joe", out-of-touchness with simple life and above all complete divorce from reality(and these are just the pick of the bunch). It was so transparent it hardly needed any comment or even campaign ads.

While the result itself is a shock, the shockwaves it sent around the country and the effects of those are predictable. Some Democrat lawmakers wasted no time in going into "every man for himself" mode. And who could blame them? If a democrat can lose ine Massachusetts, a democrat can lose anywhere! However, reports of the imminent political death of Obama and the Democrats are exaggerated and premature. Congressional elections are in November and Obama is not up for re-election until 2012. Plenty of time to regroup in both cases, we just saw what a difference a year makes in politics, let alone almost three. The road they are on now leads inevitably to perdition, though.


Anonymous said...

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Ferocious Bluebird said...

good post. I feel you get it spot on.

Anonymous said...

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