Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Someone should dare call it treason

Allegations that the contemporary European ruling classes have conspired to destroy and/or disenfranchise native indigenous European populations and supplant them with third world peoples were at best laughed off as paranoid conspiracy theories and at worst branded as rantings of racist, neo-nazi maniacs. Now we see they were anything but.

Vindication is, however, scant consolation for those who have been sounding warning bells the past several years, knowing that governement immigration policies were simply too awkward to be a product of simple ignorance or opportunism. The damage is not only done it is almost irreversible. Major political parties have already either subscribed to multiculturalism or were bullied into it and the media have long since been under control of the very people who are architects of this conspiracy. Hence the mumbled reaction by what is left of the Tories and the deafening silence of the major papers and TV outlets.

Britain and other European countries are in a need of a complete makeover, even revolution, if they are to survive as distinct nations and cultures. And the first step towards that would be calling this act by the governement of the UK(I don't call them "British governement" since there is nothing remotely British about that sorry lot) by it's real name: treason. Heck, there are also elements of ethnocide here! And warn that this deed will not go unpunished. Yes, the perspective of that seems remote now, but one day...Yes, one day..

Friday, October 23, 2009

What did they expect?

Russian president Dmitriy Medvedev came and went. The media have already reported about his visit to Serbia extensively and analysts as well as "analysts" gave their views which covered just about every aspect of the visit so I wouldn't want to repeat their words here.

I would just like to give my take on the reactions of the patriotic part of the public. Many have expressed their disappointments over this visit, in particular Medvedev's speech to the parliament, namely the part where he stated how they have nothing against our membership in the EU. It was immediately interpreted as the Russians pushing us towards Brussels so we could act as their pawn there. The idea of the "new system of collective security" that Medvedev stated was even seen, God only knows how, as a "green light" for a NATO membership. Even the billion euro loan was seen as a stab in the back to the patriotic sector.

Such reactions are largely fueled by totally unrealistic expectations as well as utter lack of comprehension of foreign policy. Those who'd like the Russian state to support the patriotic oposition should ask themselves some questions...For example, what opposition? Nikolić, Vučić and the newly-formed progressives who are trying to out-Tadić Tadić more by the day? Koštunica who is largely responsible for the fact that the current governement is ruling in the first place? Radical party? Their EU policy is neither here or there at the moment. At one point they are anti-EU, at another they are not sure, at the third they won't say...What did they actually do to raise the public consciousness about the dangers of euroutopia? Did they organize seminars, for example, with western eurosceptics as participants, which would have explained the true nature of the EU benemoth? how about articles, papers and other publications about the detrimental influence of the EU from a national, economic, political, cultural or civilizational point of view?

How about smaller patriotic NGOs and organizations? First of all there is far too many of them and they all operate independantly of one another, and second, more important, they themselves are not sure how to proceed. Do they want to be a fully fledged political movement acting proactively on a daily basis or are they content with ad-hoc activities?

Any way you look at it, we do not have a serious anti-EU organization, which is somewhat of a tragedy since even according to the most EU-slanted opinion polls the number of opponents of Serbia joining the Union is around 30% which is a starting point any newly formed political party would kill for. Until such a party is formed, however, nobody has the right to be "disappointed" with Russia. And only then we will know whether the Russian interest is indeed to have us as it's pawn within the Union or are they just attempting to get out the maximum out of a bad internal situation in Serbia.

Until then I suggest you re-read the reports of Dmitriy Medvedev's visit and take pleasure in seeing Tadić and his people kissing up to him whereas scarsely a year ago they used to treat with disdain anything Russian.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


"At the end, he gave me a choice - between a life of comfort... or more torture. All I had to do was to say that... I could see five lights, when in fact there were only four."
"You didn't say it?"
"No. No... But I was going to. I would have told him anything... anything at all. But more than that - I believed that I could see five lights."

I haven't blogged often these days for personal reasons and because I lacked inspiration. Not that there haven't been enough subjects to blog about, it's just that they mostly comment themselves and the purpose of this blog is not to provide a daily chronicle. Therefore I only make an entry if I have a larger philosophical idea to accompany the current events. And so it happens that I do now...

The above quote is from yet another episode of "Star Trek - The Next Generation", "Chain of Command", a two-part episode from Season 6. In it captain Picard was sent on a secret mission to destroy a Cardassian compound. Unfortunately, Picard was caught and the Cardassian commander subjects him to torture. Torture scenes are an hommage-remake of Orwell's "1984", specifically the part where O'Brien asks Winston Smith how many fingers he is holding up. Series creators even managed to cast a duo of Patrick Stewart - David Warner which gave a performance (almost) at the level of John Hurt and Richard Burton.

The dialog above happens at the very end, after Picard safely returned to the Enterprise(sorry about the spoiler) and recounts his traumatic experience to Counselor Troi. In the safety of familiar surroundings and free of torment, Picard remembered what was the most terryfying thing about it.

Nine years ago a lot of Serbs after almost a decade of torture were ready to say anything to make it stop. After it didn't many turned to despair repeatedly asking why the torture continues in spite us telling the torturers what they wanted to hear. Their goal, however, is not that we say what they want to hear but that we truly believe it in our hearts. Until that happens they will never have completely conquered us. That is why they continue to torment us. Until we actually believe we could see five lights and begin loving our Big Brother.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Need more proof that the Nobel Peace Prize is a politicized sham and a joke?

Here it is!

As if there wasn't enough of American "obamania", now we have to endure sycophancy from overseas. But that's not the worst part, far from it. This "prize" will now be flaunted by Obama minions as an official seal of infailability as well as a stick to beat all those who question his policies(so much for dissent being patriotic). Then again, the prize being awarded to an awowed chauvinist Ahtisaari, nothing should surprise us.

Depressing, truly depressing, in several ways...

Monday, October 05, 2009

Last anniversary, hopefully

It is now 9 years since we "established democracy". News and TV in Serbia will dedicate due attention to this, in between hysterical tirades against "hooligans", so I won't bother you much with it.

I can not help but notice, though, that the reflections on that date are dominated by a sense of surprise that not all had turned out as imagined. Everyone is shocked, shocked that nothing really changed and that hardly anything positive happened to us.

I myself am not the least bit surprised. On the contrary, this is exactly what I expected because I did not imagine like John Lennon, I watched reality occur and the outcome could never have been any different then this.

I hope that this is the last time this sorry date is being marked in any significant way.