Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feel safe in this world of ours?

The world(it's sane part, at least) was shocked when the full story of the kidnapping, captivity and death of Ilan Halimi, a French Jew, came to light. This young man was abducted by an Islamic gang called The Barbarians, an apt name if there ever was one, and then tortured, humiliated and abused solely for the pleasure of his captors.

If you thought it could not get any worse then this, think again. Now we learn that the family of the victim was and still is under orders to be quiet about the whole aspects of the crime. The trial is held behind closed doors because some of the perpetrators were minors. And to top it all the magazine which published a photo that depicts the full horror of the ordeal Halimi has been through has been ordered off the shelf. I bet this reinforces faith in modern law enforcement and judicial system, doesn't it?

But when you think about it, it is logical that the authorities act in this way. There is more at stake then just the Ilan Halimi case itself. Should the public get to know all the aspects and the full context of this crime it just might start asking a question or two. Such as, how could such violent people live among them? What kind of culture breeds such cruel murderers? Why was it left to fester and why was there no meaningful attempt to curtail it? And where is the present course of the society, which evidently tolerates such phenomenons until it's too late, leading us?

The answers the these questions are obvious and very dangerous to the transnational-progressive establishment. And so they must prevent them from being asked and if the cost is inconveniance and injustice to the victims and their families, so be it. And you could very well be the next Ilan Halimi.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If they won't, we must

Of all the Serb-haters in the US establishment, the current vice-president of the US Joseph Biden was the worst. The filth he uttered is to horrid for me to repeat them here but if you have the stomach, try here. So how can he now come to Serbia for an official visit?

The governement will obviously give the excuse that Biden was duly elected but rest assured that they don't care about Biden's words or misdeeds towards our people. They are even acquiescing to his demand that he does not meet the foreign minister Vuk Jeremić who at least wants to make it appear that he actually wants to protect Serbia's interest.

So it was left up to Serbia's patriotic organizations and common people to voice the real mood of the country. Several of them announced demonstrations for today, because all gatherings for tomorrow, the day Biden's visit is scheduled, are forbidden. Which, incidentally, proves the point I made about the governement attitude far exceeding common diplomatic courtesy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is the world they are trying to create

It's been a while since the now infamous Miss California incident happened. At the time I thought it was much ado about nothing but now not only did the thing take a life of it's own, it has also become the showcase of the kind of a society the "progressives" have envisioned for humanity.

Since Carrie Prejean gave the oh-so-outrageous and politically incorrect answer that marriage should be between a man and a woman she was subject of a chorus(or rather a cacophony) of threats, libels, snide name-calling and other wonderfully tolerant actions from the usual self-proclaimed beacons of diversity. The latest attempt at a public media lynching was the lame release of some photographs where she appears partially topless in hope she would be stripped of her title. Fortunately, the goal was so blatantly obvious it achieved the opposite effect as the pageant organizer Donald Trump stood by Prejean and even chided the progressive mob with the best line possible:"The president of the United States gave the same answer!"

Don't expect however that the "enlightened ones" will ever try to character-assasinate someone their own size or, Heaven forbid, someone truly powerful.

Make no mistake about it: all their proclamations of diversity and tolerance are lies, plain and simple! In the mind of the progressive there is no room for different opinions and lifestyles. It's high time they be confronted with that and exposed as a totalitarian cult that they are.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Panem et circenses

I am the first one in favour of getting to the bottom of a historical mystery, so in principle, I am supportive of the Serbian govenrnements latest efforts of finding the grave of Draza Mihajlović, the leader of chetniks, WWII Serbian Royalist guerillas. Mihajlović was executed by the Yugoslav Communist governement having been previously hauled before a show-trial on trumped-up charges(sound familiar?).

There is a time and a place for everything though. In a moment when people are on hunger strikes, or plain striking, when the unemployment is sky-high, when people are mutilating themselves in order to enforce their basic rights, should this be the public's primary concern? Seems to me that the authorities kept this in the dark for a while for it to serve as a means of diverting the public's attention from the burning issues. I could be wrong, it could be that they have truly decided to unveil the mystery once and for all but the timing is simply too conveniant and I have long since stopped believing in coincidences.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So, now she sees it?

Caroline Glick's latest column is dedicated to the overall context of the seemingly inevitable takeover of Lebanon by Hezbollah via free elections. In it she shows how elections in just about every Muslim country brought islamist parties to power, or at the very least, gave them significant gains. The part that caught my eye was when Glick describes the behaviuor of US authorities in reactions to these events:

...successive administrations in Washington have been unable to provide an accurate explanation of what drives the populations of these countries, and increasingly of the Islamic world in general to support Islamist parties and movements.

In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration came to the conclusion that it isn't that these parties and movements are popular. It is just that people are intimidated into supporting them. Were the people given the freedom to choose, they would choose to be led by liberal political forces interested in living at peace with the West. For former president George W. Bush and his advisers, the root of Islamic extremism was authoritarianism and the solution was Westernization through open elections.

When time after time the citizens of these countries or societies voluntarily elected jihadists, the Bush administration was confounded. Rather than seek an alternative explanation to understand what was happening, the administration alternatively denied reality - as in the case of Turkey where it pretended that the AKP was a moderate, pro-Western Islamist party in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. Or they claimed that the people were simply voting against corruption and showered them with money - as has been the case with the Hamas-supporting Palestinians. Or, as in the case of Egypt and Iran, they have simply ignored the fact that elections took place.

All that is true and reasonably outlined by Glick. But what took her so long to realize it? As I recall she was quite enthusiastic about Bush's ideas of bringing democratic elections to the Muslim world. I could be mistaken about it, but this is certailnly the first time I read such criticism against the Bush administration. Why did she wait until he left the White House to point out these serious shortcomings to Bush's plans? Wouldn't it have been better if she had said back then what she is saying now? There was certainly some chance, however slim, of those words having effect. Now, it's all water under the bridge. And the consequences of Bush's ill-concieved theories could be disastrous for many more in years to come.