Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Revolutionary instead of conservative

Though I promised a month ago that I will be blogging some more, my company had other ideas and obligations at work prvented me for fulfilling my promise. That will teach me, I suppose.

Still, I had enought time to stumble on to some interesting stuff along the way. What particullarly caught my eye is this text from the blogger Sultan Knish which, in my opinion, using the Republican Party of the US, accurately diagnoses what is wrong with national patriotic movements around the world that oppose the transantional progressivist agenda. Indeed, too many of them identify and behave as "conservative", which is a label and MO completely inappropriate considering the political moment. Without the complete rollback of the progressivist measures the societies of Europe and America will not heal from the ills of today nor will simple election victories mark the defeat of globalist liberailsm.

This goes as much for Serbia as for anyone else. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about a "united opposition" against the Tadić regime. All I can say to that is "what's the point?" The parties that would make up such an organization by and large would follow the paradigm set up by progressivist ideologies, they themselves say as much. What we need is a revolutionary organization, one that would dedicate itself to repealing the disastrous acts of the previous 9 years. Until then, we'll be stuck in this mire.


Gray Falcon said...

Precisely. To be a conservative, there first has to be something worth conserving. While that may or may not be the case in the USA, it is definitely not the case in Serbia. The existing political, social and moral order is so reprehensibly destructive and suicidal, it has to be overthrown post haste. Any so-called opposition that seeks to conserve the DOS-created client regime or the Tito-imposed faux republicanism (together with quasi-statelike provinces) is not a choice, but an echo of the quislings already choking Serbia to death. Either they perish, and soon, or Serbia will.

Anonymous said...

Leider, it will take the collapse of the Babel Tower and a lot of pain and suffering before most are willing to change. Perhaps our leaders will see this danger in time, but history is against it.