Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So, who does our gevernememnt take after?

It's an old saying that the dog and it's master start to look alike over time, some say even phisycally, but they certainly begin to expose similar traits. For years now Serbia is being ruled by a conglomerate of suicidal post-modern ideologies whose frontmen have been going out of their way to cause detriment to Serb people and express devotion to their utopian ideology. We often asked ourselves is there such a governement anywhere else in the world.

The reactions to the Fort Hood massacre that came from American authorities and the mainstream media show us that such behaviour is hardly our invention. The perpetrator Nidal Hasan has given numerous indications that he's able and willing to commit such an act as well as the motive. He all but purchased air time on local TV stations! In spite of this, neither security agencies or military brass reacted, and many who witnessed Nidal Hasan's behaviour did not even report it out of fear of being branded "racists" and "islamophobes". After the incident has happened, everyone has been trying to obscure the real reason for Hasan's murderous rampage, using various psycho-babble in which they even invented new diseases(anyone hear of pre-traumatic stress syndrome?).

Army Chief of Staff, General Casey, was the one that went furthest, though. Here is his pearl of wisdom:

Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.

That is globalist liberalism and progressivism in a nutshell. "Diversity" is the highest and only value, the one on whose altar sacrifices must be made, even human ones. Who cares about the victims and their families, who, by the way, not a single media outlet interviewed until now because they are too busy "searching for the real motive", i.e. covering it up.

Lawrence Auster compared this statement with Goneril using overly excessive terms to describe her love towards her father, King Lear. The difference is that Goneril, as it turned out, was insincere, whereas Casey actually believes what he says. And that's the worst part!

We should not, therefore, be surprised by the behaviour of Tadić and his clique. After so many years serving the "progressives" how could they act in any other way?

EDIT: So many typos! I've corrected them now but it was embarassing! My apologies to the readers. I did write this somewhat in a hurry but that's no excuse. I'll pay more attention in the future.


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