Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Someone should dare call it treason

Allegations that the contemporary European ruling classes have conspired to destroy and/or disenfranchise native indigenous European populations and supplant them with third world peoples were at best laughed off as paranoid conspiracy theories and at worst branded as rantings of racist, neo-nazi maniacs. Now we see they were anything but.

Vindication is, however, scant consolation for those who have been sounding warning bells the past several years, knowing that governement immigration policies were simply too awkward to be a product of simple ignorance or opportunism. The damage is not only done it is almost irreversible. Major political parties have already either subscribed to multiculturalism or were bullied into it and the media have long since been under control of the very people who are architects of this conspiracy. Hence the mumbled reaction by what is left of the Tories and the deafening silence of the major papers and TV outlets.

Britain and other European countries are in a need of a complete makeover, even revolution, if they are to survive as distinct nations and cultures. And the first step towards that would be calling this act by the governement of the UK(I don't call them "British governement" since there is nothing remotely British about that sorry lot) by it's real name: treason. Heck, there are also elements of ethnocide here! And warn that this deed will not go unpunished. Yes, the perspective of that seems remote now, but one day...Yes, one day..