Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, so much for the post-racial era..

Over the years the word "racist" has been misused to the point where it has been reduced to a mere label against anyone who opposes the liberal-progressive agenda. And just when you think it is consigned to the dustheap of over-used canards, somebody manages to retrieve it.

Lately, it is the unhinged Obamaniacs who, in absence of sound arguments, pulled the race card from their sleeve. Apparently, it is now enough to simply say that somebody is lying and it's open season on you declared by a variety of race-hustlers and demagogues with aid and comfort given to them by the sycophantic mainstream media.

Far from ushering a "post-racial" world, the election of Obama has brought in a revival of racially charged political rhetoric in the USA not seen or heard since George Wallace. And it is coming from Obama supporters, which was expected in a way, because deep down even they are aware of the lack of substance that is the Obama administration. So to compensate, and/or keep the focus away from that fact, they resort to heated, emotional ethno-racially charged accusations.

Sound familiar? I thought so. Let's hope that the saying that history only repeats itself as a farce is true.

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Gray Falcon said...

The sad thing is, those Obamaheads that cry "racism" are actually doing him no favors; they are making him look weak, and worse yet, petulant. They are making Obama look like an affirmative action Emperor. If his skin color makes him immune to criticism, then how the hell do we evaluate his performance?