Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's not about rights, it never was

Thankfully, Serbia has been spared the so-called "gay pride" event. All the brainwashing coming from the NGO sector, the media and governement officials had the opposite effect on the public, already vastly opposed to the gay agenda. Not only football fans and memebers of patriotic organizations but also ordinary people were in fact galvanized into opposition to this shameful occurence.

However, a golden opportunity was missed to expose the gay agenda, it's goals and the people who stood behind the "gay rights" organizations in Serbia, an opportunity that might not present itself again.

The phrase "gay rights" is highly misleading in the first place. Nobody ever asked them what rights guaranteed by the consitution of Serbia were they denied exactly. Political rights? They have the right to vote and be voted into office. A right to life, to have free sexual relations with whom they please? Again, nobody denies them that. Their right to work, right to legal protection, right to health-care(Serbian constitution gurantees that right, whether health-care is a "right" or not, is another story) are all protected. They claim they can not get married. They can, but with the person of opposite sex. They also complain that they are not allowed to adopt children. Well, I have news for them: adoption is not a constitutional right but a privilege. And finally, they claim they can not express their sexual orientation freely. So which governement organ or agency is impeding them from doing that? None whatsoever.

So what is this all about? Well gay activists themselves are letting the cat out of the bag as soon as any serious discussion about what really bothers them gains some momentum. Very soon they begin to complain and whinge how they have to deal with scornful remarks on the streets and mockery, how "gay" is still a dirty word etc. They pretty much start resembling children complaining about the teasing they get in the schoolyard during the break. They claim it is tormenting them and they want it to stop.

But gays' own chief argument about homosexuality being a choice in fact vindicate those who scorn them. We can all agree that animosity towards someone because of something one can not choose, such as race and ethnicity, is reprehensible. But if belonging to a certain group is a matter of choice then it is concievable that many people, as well as the society as a whole will not approve of such a choice and that they might voice such disapproval in one way or the other. It is a natural right. But gay activists want such vocal dissaproval to stop, one way or the other and are ready to go as far as destroying the traditional society of a nation in order to achieve this. So who is in fact curtailng whose rights here?

In the case of Serbia, there is an additional factor to weigh in. Gay activists in Serbia, whether consciously or not, found themselves on the same task of destroying the traditional Serbian society that transnational progresivist governements and institutions have been trying to accomplish in the past 9 years. Thus the opposition to "gay pride" got an additional dimension in the defense of nationhood. There is no better evidence of that then various EU institutions and ambassadors of EU countries expressing their disappointment that the gay manifestation did not take place.

"Gay pride" was a litmus-test of how far the annihilation of the remains of the traditional Serbian society has gone. Had it succeeded, additional demands for the introduction of other post-modernist multi-culti measures aimed at dismantling of everything that makes Serbs Serbs would have followed suit. Fortunately, it turned out there is still a healthy core in the nation ready and unashamed to express their will to defend their heritage. I doubt, however, it will be tha last time they will be called upon to do that.

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