Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you quite sure it was off the record?

Kanye West's outburst caught attention of the Obamessiah himself, as he, allegedly off-the-record, remarked that West behaved like a "jackass".

Let us disregard for a moment that Obama was chanelling Captain Obvious there and the banality of the President of the USA commenting on what is a celebrity incident and ask whether he really meant the remark to be private. After the fiasco of the "Gates affair" where he managed to allianate not only every cop in the country regardless of race(who said Obama is not a uniter) but also a large portion of people who voted for him, Obama needed something to patch up the image of someone who transcends race and the Kanye West incident was a tailor-made occasion(pun unintentional): a black artists steals the stage from a white one in order to support a fellow black, gets widely condemned and in comes the Annointed One to offer his perspective, this time siding with the white girl to show everyone just how righteous he is. I wonder if there are going to be any beer summits over this on the White House lawn any time soon?

American economy may be tanking, unemployment is on a record level, hundreds of thousands are protesting in Washington, Afganistan is a mess but Obama has his priorities in order, as we can see. What was that about the people having the leader they deserve? It sure does apply to America which propably has irretrievably sunk into triviality and shallowness. Then again, I'm not sure I'm the one who should offer lessons on that.

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