Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's standard MO

Gray Falcon has recorded yet another case of unbelievable hipocricy manifested by the New York Times. Notihing ne in that, this is a case of "dog bites man" kind of news. The Times has been for decades the media forefront of the liberal progressive behaviour which can be described shortly in the maxim that good is when they rob the neighbouring village and evil when the neighbouring village robs them.

What is new is the ever-more blatant such behaviour of the elected officials. Spurred on by the Times and the like they now feel free to drop anylabel they deem necessary in order to discredit people that hold opposing views. Didn't they use to say that "dissent is patriotic"? It depends against whom you are dissenting, I guess.

We may have 21st century technology but morally we are descending towards the Stone Age. The worst scenario imaginable...