Thursday, July 16, 2009

So the sun does not shine brighter after all

The news of the European comission recommending the abolition of entry visas for Serbian citizens did not create the effect in the public that EU enthusiasts in Serbia desired. The only ones gushing over this are governement officials and their sycophantic media. It is by no means topic of conversation by ordinary people, in fact you would struggle to find a passing reference to it. It seems it has finally dawned on the population that their standards are so low they could barely afford a trip across town, let alone abroad. Until that gets better this is the governement's way of telling them to eat cake if they lack in bread.

But for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija there is not even this cake. By accepting the visa measure being valid only for those living outside of Kosovo and Metohija the governement has formally made them second-class citizens. And that's not the worst part. In order to have the decision formally accepted by the Council of Ministers Serbia would have to "control the borderline between Serbia and Kosovo in cooperation with EULEX and Kosovo police", which makes governement proclamation of "never recognizing Kosovo" ring hollow.

Still, the general indifference of the Serbian public to this event gives hope that something is changing for the better. All that is needed now is that the "fine print" concerning Kosovo and Metohija and the fact that the final decision on visas will only be made in November or December gets widely publicized and we may see the end of the scourge that rules Serbia now. The question is whether there are people capable of doing it.

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