Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is the world they are trying to create

It's been a while since the now infamous Miss California incident happened. At the time I thought it was much ado about nothing but now not only did the thing take a life of it's own, it has also become the showcase of the kind of a society the "progressives" have envisioned for humanity.

Since Carrie Prejean gave the oh-so-outrageous and politically incorrect answer that marriage should be between a man and a woman she was subject of a chorus(or rather a cacophony) of threats, libels, snide name-calling and other wonderfully tolerant actions from the usual self-proclaimed beacons of diversity. The latest attempt at a public media lynching was the lame release of some photographs where she appears partially topless in hope she would be stripped of her title. Fortunately, the goal was so blatantly obvious it achieved the opposite effect as the pageant organizer Donald Trump stood by Prejean and even chided the progressive mob with the best line possible:"The president of the United States gave the same answer!"

Don't expect however that the "enlightened ones" will ever try to character-assasinate someone their own size or, Heaven forbid, someone truly powerful.

Make no mistake about it: all their proclamations of diversity and tolerance are lies, plain and simple! In the mind of the progressive there is no room for different opinions and lifestyles. It's high time they be confronted with that and exposed as a totalitarian cult that they are.

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